Yuck! 9 Reasons Why Your Skin Keeps Breaking Out


You’ve tried just about everything!

From deep pore cleaners to powerful acne-fighting medicine, it seems like nothing can keep your face clear.

I mean, you and I both probably have read every book and article about the best acne treatments.

I even tried rubbing magnets on my face to draw out the dirt (kidding, of course).

So why isn’t anything working?

This might surprise you: it isn’t your acne medicine. It’s you.

Intrigued? Here are 9 reasons why your skin keeps breaking out.

#1 Your phone

Prepare for the gross factor!

Your phone is the top reason your face keeps breaking out.

Think about it, you use your phone everywhere you go, everywhere.

From the bathroom, the bus stop, to the kitchen, the yard, and your car—your phone has been everywhere you have been.

And then you put it on your face to make calls.


To avoid breakouts: Try keeping your phone in clean areas and always wipe off the screen with a disinfected wipe before using it.

#2 Not taking your makeup off before bed

Completely guilty!

When I make the mistake of not removing my makeup before I crawl into bed at night, I always wake up the next morning with a new friend on my face—well I guess it’s more like an enemy on my face.

Leaving your makeup on at night doesn’t allow your skin to breathe and repair itself after a long day.

To avoid the breakouts: It’s simple. Remember to take your makeup off at night! You can set out your makeup removal products on the counter to help you better remember.

#3 Too much chlorine

Alright, where are the swimmers at?

Swimming is an amazing workout and a great way to relax during the heat of summer, but unfortunately, the chlorine that keeps your pool clean isn’t doing much to keep your face clean.

In fact, chlorine clings to your skin and can react to your acne medication.

And you know what that means—acne!

To avoid the breakouts: On the days you decide to take a dip in the pool, take a break from your acne treatments. Soap and water will do just fine as a face cleanser.

#4 Your coffee obsession

Yes, can I get an Iced Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte?

Well, you can, but it will break your skin out!

Coffee and Caffeine in general suck the moisture out of your skin, causing more breakouts and blemishes to pop up.

How to avoid the breakouts: Drink more water! And you can even dress water up with some berries, oranges, or lemons.

#5 Avoiding meals (especially breakfast)

So just like coffee can cause your skin to break out, skipping meals can have the same effect!

When you avoid meals, your body’s missing out on some key nutrients like vitamin C, B3, E, and A, causing your skin to dry out and fail to repair itself.

How to avoid the breakouts: Eat five to six small meals a day. And be sure to include plenty of vitamins into your diet to give your skin the extra boost of moisture it needs.

#6 Trying on too many makeup products

I know, I’m trying to tell a fish not to swim in water with this one, but trying too much makeup on can cause your skin to breakout.

And using too much makeup on a regular basis traps your pores and keeps your skin from breathing.

And sure, it’s a catch 22.

You put on more makeup to cover problem areas only to cause more problem areas to form.

How to avoid the breakouts: Use the lightest (most breathable) makeup you can, and apply it lightly. Also, remember to remove it every night before bed.

#7 Dirty pillows and sheets

Here we go again with the yuck factor!

Although you might be getting up in the morning and leaving your bed behind, your dead skin cells on your pillowcase aren’t.

And over time, these skin cells collect and cause bacteria, which naturally comes in contact with your skin every time you lay back down at night.

How to avoid the breakouts: Try changing your pillowcase every week to avoid any lingering toxins waiting to break out your face.

#8 Exfoliating your skin too much

Don’t you just love the feel of your skin after a good exfoliation?

I know I do!

But if you exfoliate your skin too often, you’re stripping it of the necessary moisture and natural oils it needs to repair itself.

And when your skin lacks moisture and oils, you lose the natural glow and open the door for breakouts to happen.

How to avoid breakouts: Only exfoliate your skin once a week to keep it healthy.

#9 Long (but oh so lovely) hot showers

No one can deny the enjoyment that comes from taking a nice long hot shower after a stressful day.

Well except for your skin that is.

Taking hot showers for a long period removes the outermost layer of the epidermis.  


And when you dry out your skin and remove lovely layers of your epidermis, your skin becomes more susceptible to acne.

How to avoid the breakouts: When you notice your skin turning red or starting to itch, it’s time to cut the shower off and grab your moisturizer.

Who would have thought that simple things we do on a daily basis cause our skin to keep breaking out?

Now we know what to watch out for!

Tell us, what is something you do on regular bases that causes your skin to breakout? Share it with us in the comment section below or on our Facebook page to help fight the constant breakout struggle.


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