6 Reasons Why People Say Bad Things About Mary Kay!

You tell someone you are an Independent Beauty Consultant, a Director, or an NSD for Mary Kay, and what’s the response you get back in return—usually an oh my gosh, really?

Unfortunately, Mary Kay gets a bad rap.

And it’s mostly from people who have never even given Mary Kay a chance.

So I’ve collected the top reasons people say bad things about Mary Kay, and I’m here to prove them wrong.

Keep reading to find out what people are saying!

Myth #1: It Costs So Much Money Just to Join Mary Kay


Many people out there try to say that to start up your Mary Kay business will cost you some serious cash.

That to make it in the business you have to buy so many products, which you’ll lose money on because you can’t sell them.

Insulting much?

Well, I’m calling those people out!

To start out in the Mary Kay world only costs you $100. That’s it. No other gimmick!

Myth #2: The Pink Cadillac Isn’t Really Free

While you do need to meet certain sales requirements to earn the pink Cadillac, what other company out there gives away free cars for working hard and reaching a goal?

My answer—not many!

Mary Kay gives consultants who make their sales goals a brand new, fresh-off-the-lot car—and even covers the insurance. And did we mention, it’s pink?

Big points in my book for Mary Kay!

Myth #3: Mary Kay Ash was Controlling

To the people who believe Mary Kay Ash is anything but a hard-working woman, who had a dream and turned it into reality, who helped so many women (and men) stand on their own two feet again—well, they must not know Ms. Ash very well.

Mary Kay Ash started this makeup empire with only $5,000, and she did so to support her family and bring women out of the shadows of businessmen.

And although it’s true that many of us read Mary Kay Ash quotes on a daily basis, to call Mary Kay Ash controlling just doesn’t seem like an accurate statement at all.

She created a successful business plan and shared the secret of success to everyone, and gave everyone the freedom to make their own success. Doesn’t sound too controlling to me.

Myth #4: No Time for Family

What other company allows you the ability to make your own schedule, pick your own products, schedule your own parties, and be a part of a family like Mary Kay?

Many people suggest that when you start working in Mary Kay, you lose the time you would usually have for family.

Not true!

As Mary Kay Ash would say, “God first, family second, and career third.

Family was very important to Mary Kay Ash.

Her family was the reason she started this company so that she could support her them during the wake of her husband’s declining health.  

Why would she want you to give up yours?

Myth #5: Your Ability to Sell Products Won’t Last

The myth that surrounds Mary Kay is that when you first start out, your sales will be great, but that the fire won’t last.

You’ll soon only be able to sell one or two products a month, and all of your money will be wasted.

Mary Kay gives you the freedom to sell as much or as little product as you want. What you put into Mary Kay is what you’ll get out of it.

So prove your critics wrong, and get out there and sell, sell, sell!

Myth #6: You’ll Be All on Your Own

The biggest criticism of Mary Kay is the loneliness you feel when you join. To these critics, when you join Mary Kay, you’ll be sent out to sell makeup, and that’s it.

Wrong again, critics.

Your Unit will become a part of your family. Your fellow Unit members will support you during your parties, give you tips and advice to sell more products, and be there to have fun right along side of you.

Mary Kay even holds an annual Leadership Week to gather its numerous Directors and NSDs around just to show them new strategies and ways to improve teamwork and Unit building.

When you join Mary Kay, you’re never alone. You’ll join the millions of others ready to help women and men around the world feel more confident about themselves.

People say bad things about Mary Kay, but you can start proving them wrong!

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  1. I've been in this business for over 30 years, and I love it. Due to health issues I really work when I want to. I have the best customers and do a lot of business right from the comfort of my home. My recruiter and Director are always available and they live Half way across the country from me. My sister consultants and Adopted Director have always been supportive,I'm never alone. Our products are the best and not to brag, but I get compliments all the time and no one believes my true age. lol

    It's a Win-Win. Great people and Great Company!!

  2. In September I will be celebrating my 19th year this time! Yes, that's correct...this is my second go round. I first joined Mary Kay in 1987 so I could get product at cost for myself and daughters. I was also single and wanted to make an extra $50 a week. In 1995, my youngest daughter was killed & needless to say, I too, went flat line so to speak. It was amazing getting a wonderful letter from Mary Kay herself, as well as from directors and Nationals from all over the USA. People I never knew, but they cared. I then took a "leave of absence" as I call it, knowing I would come back in one day (I did go to Seminar in '96 and got to see Mary Kay for the last time), sold product at my cost to my best clients, as well as give them my recruiters name as well as another consultant, moved from the area to another part of the state, and started fresh. In September of '97, I came back into Mary Kay, called my good customers that bought my inventory and told them I was active again and if they did not have a consultant, I would love to take care of them and would ship free. I got back 9 customers, one has passed away, one is now a team member and the rest still buy. What other company would do that?? That is one reason why I Love my Mary Kay!! I also love it for the growth and self confidence I have gained!

    I have been using MK since 1973 and I'm like "unknown" above, no one believes my true age either!! LOVE MARY KAY!!


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