MyUnitBuzz - Keeping You and Your Unit Connected at Seminar

The Mary Kay seminar is here, meaning it feels like Christmas in July for NSD’s, sales directors, and unit members. With four days of seminars, shows, awards, leadership classes and more, it couldn’t get more exciting!

Mary Kay enthusiasts from all over the country have flocked to Dallas, Texas to learn about new products, Mary Kay news, new business tips, and proven leadership methods.

Once your unit separates to attend the many events at Seminar, how can you keep in touch with them all?

The answer to that question is easy! MyUnitBuzz.

Why MyUnitBuzz?

MyUnitBuzz is a communication app specifically designed for Mary Kay NSD’s and directors, like yourself, to make communicating and keeping in touch with your unit a quick and easy. Directors can download the app on their smartphones and tablets to instantly send group messages to their unit members.

You can use the app at anytime during the seminar to tell your unit where to meet you for lunch, learn
where they are in the crowd, and see what activities they’re up to.

You can also send your unit reminders about upcoming events, so they won’t forget about an important seminar you want them to attend.

With MyUnitBuzz, you can also send your unit photos from seminar events too! So go ahead send that selfie of you with a pink cadillac!
But wait, there’s more

While the MyUnitBuzz app simplifies communicating with your unit, it also has business management features that include an event calender, unit goals, unit career paths, a resource library, an image library, invite access, and total social media management.

These features are put right into the palm of your hand in order to help you grow and manage your MK business.

Download MyUnitBuzz Today!

Don’t wait until after the Mary Kay seminar to use the time saving business management features that MyUnitBuzz has to offer. Plus, MyUnitBuzz is free for UnitWise directors. Download the app today to instantly simplify communicating with your team and to keep track of them during the Mary Kay seminar.


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