Reasons Why NSD's and Sales Directors Choose MyUnitBuzz for Mary Kay Seminar


Because it’s filled with a variety of action-packed events like guest speakers and workshops the Mary Kay Seminar is a must go to event for NSDs, sales directors, beauty consultants, and more. However, some NSDs and sales directors are getting a leg up on the competition by managing the conference for their units with MyUnitBuzz.

What can MyUnitBuzz do for you?

MyUnitBuzz is an innovative app designed for Mary Kay NDSs, like yourself, to make communicating with your unit easier. Once you download the free MyUnitBuzz app to your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to communicate with your unit at any time, from any location.

Stay In Touch

While attending the seminar, you and your unit might attend different workshops and get separated as a result. Use the chat feature to send individual or group messages and bring everybody back together. While the other directors are busy tracking down their unit the old-fashioned way, you can tell your unit where to meet you in an instant.

Share Photos

With MyUnitBuzz, you can share photos, videos, and documents to your unit from the app, making sure you never miss a moment of Seminar!

Schedule Events

Use the MyUnitBuzz calendar to keep up with your Mary Kay Seminar event schedule. Simply enter in the workshops and classes you would like to attend and receive reminders about them before they start. You can also use the event calendar to invite your unit to events, appointments, and parties.

Set Goals

You can also make sure your unit stays on track and gets the most out of Seminar by setting goals for them. As they complete their goals, you’ll receive notifications, giving you peace of mind knowing that your unit is learning. Other NSDs will be on a wild goose chase while trying to see what their unit has been up to!

Stay Connected

Want to stay connected to your unit members that couldn't attend Seminar? With MyUnitBuzz's social media marketing feature, you'll have access to all of your accounts in one place. Try live-tweeting photos of new MK products and industry news to keep your unit at home excited.

Why wait? Download MyUnitBuzz Now

Get started with MyUnitBuzz today and enjoy its time-saving business management features that will help you communicate with your team. Keep them focused during the Mark Kay Seminar by assigning them goals and tasks. Best of all? You'll be relaxed knowing what your unit is up to, while the other directors are still chasing their teams. Why hesitate? MyUnitBuzz is free for UnitWise directors. Download MyUnitBuzz now!


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