Stop! You're Ruining your Skin with these Bad Habits!


By studying the world of beauty consulting, we the heroes at UnitWise have come to a groundbreaking conclusion. We’ve realized that the better your skin looks the more sales you get. You could be in the business for years, so you’ll need your youthful, glowing complexion to last! Save the beauty of your skin by quitting the following bad habits.

Stop Neglecting UV Protection

Sometimes the sun can be your worst enemy because it sends harmful UV rays down to Earth that will dry out and age your skin. Harmful UV rays can kill the elasticity in your skin cells, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin. They also can cause freckles, discoloration, and skin cancer!

Tanning beds are even worse than the sun! Fight your urges to lay in what effectively are cancer boxes. When exposing yourself to up close UV rays that are 10 to 15 percent stronger than the sun’s you’re voluntarily giving your skin wrinkles and sunspots. Also, most importantly, tanning beds can cause melanoma, the most dangerous and most skin disfiguring type of skin cancer.

When you’re spending at least two hours or more outdoors remember to use sunscreen with SPF of 36 or higher, and reapply every two hours.

If you need a tan, don’t go to the salon. Try a spray tan or natural means of tanning with the use of sunscreen outdoors.


Kick That Poor Diet

Sugar is one of your face’s most evil enemies. Most people get seduced by sugary treats, that make them feel warm on the inside, ignoring the bad effects sugar has on their body. Sugar breaks down the elastin and collagen in your skin, causing wrinkles and sagging. Sugar also inflames the skin and leads to breakouts which can leave scars for years. Try swapping out your guilty pleasure treats with fruit to fill your skin with nutrients.

Get hydrated! Seriously, add more water to your daily routine. Coffee and other caffeinated beverages are packed with sugar and can dehydrate you. Without enough water, skin becomes dry, wrinkly, and flakey! Water makes your skin look full and firm and gives it a natural glow. In fact, water is so great at helping us look our best that it's the skin treatment that celebrities swear by.


Ease Up On Tobacco And Alcohol

Smoking is bad, period! It displaces oxygen in your skin, leaving it brittle and dry. It also slows down your blood flow which causes your skin to look discolored and saggy. The chemicals in cigarettes deplete your body of important nutrients like vitamin C, which plays a major role in repairing your skin. Without enough vitamin C, your body can’t stop scars and wrinkles from setting in. Nonsmokers should also be wary of coming into contact with secondhand smoke because it causes the same damage.

Alcohol doesn’t have to be given up completely, just consumed in moderation. Keep in mind that alcohol dries out your skin, leading to flakiness and wrinkles. Alcohol also causes the blood vessels in your face to swell, causing redness around your nose and eyes! If the blood vessels around your eyes burst due to the swelling you’ll have long-lasting red spots that are really difficult to get rid of!


Take Care Of Your Body

At the end of the day, you might be exhausted, with hardly enough energy to lay on the couch. We’ve all been there! However, working out, even as little as taking a brisk 30-minute walk around the neighborhood increases your circulation to make your skin look firm with a radiant glow. Start off small and see what you can do to get your blood pumping during the day.

Get enough sleep! Getting less than 7 to 8 hours a night can leave your skin, saggy, and discolored with dark circles under your eyes. By not getting enough sleep on a regular basis the sagginess of your skin could become permanent. Get your beauty rest to keep your vibrant complexion.

Remove your makeup at night! It may seem tempting just to crawl right into bed, but at least use a moist towelette to clean your face first. Leaving makeup on all night traps dirt, pollution, and dead skin on your face. This will cause your face to become irritated and break out!

Remember, it's important not to squeeze pimples or blemishes, because doing so will spread bacteria into your skin, leading to more pimples.


Be Forever Young

Here at UnitWise, we want you to be the best beauty consultant you can be. We take everything into account from your sales pitches to professional appearance to make sure you’ll become the leader of makeup and skincare product sales. Keep your skin looking firm, young, and beautiful by simply kicking a few bad habits.

Be sure to comment below to share your skincare methods with us.

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