Do You Have What it Takes to be a Successful Beauty Consultant?

Are you considering joining the world of beauty consultants by selling your own inventory of makeup and skincare products? If you are, we can see why. A few of us at UnitWise may have our own fantasies of driving off into the sunset in a pink Cadillac with the top down, while wearing an official red jacket.

However, becoming a beauty consultant is a serious choice. Be sure to put a lot of research into your decision, then sleep on it. To help your decision process along, we compiled a list of traits found in the nation’s most successful beauty consultants.

A Great Smile

When thinking about a sales pitch a smile may not come to mind, but a friendly smile can make a deal. When meeting potential clients, be sure to flash them a positive, yet friendly smile. Practice your smile a few times in the mirror to get it perfect.

Social Confidence

Successful beauty consultants are go-getters. They put on a brave, yet friendly face to host parties and meet new people. NSDs and directors meet multiple prospective clients a day simply by approaching them. Some people are so social that they could talk to a rock for hours, while others avoid approaching strangers at all costs. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Can you strike up a conversation with multiple strangers?

The Ability To Roll With The Punches

No,, no, NO! Did that sentence drive you crazy? We hope not! But on a serious note consultants get told ‘no’ a lot. Can you roll with rejection and keep trying? Never take a no personally, even the best are shot down. The key is to dust yourself off and get back on the horse.

No Hesitating When Asking For Help

Don’t be afraid to ask your NSD or director for help. They want you to succeed and will always have time to answer your questions. Even the top dogs started from the bottom, and they had lots of questions! Remember, as a beauty consultant you’re part of a team!

They Aren’t Sales Oriented

While not being sales-oriented seems to contradict selling skincare products, the best results are often found when consultants are open and friendly. Instead of pushing for the sale teach your clients about your products and answer any questions that they have. Take your time and be patient, a client that learns more about your product is more likely to buy.

They’re Excellent At Multitasking

Beauty consultants are extremely busy, but that doesn’t stop them. They efficiently balance meetings, parties, and their inventory without breaking a sweat. Making quick decisions and prioritizing which tasks are most important on a daily basis play major roles in being a successful beauty consultant.

They ALL Cut Loose

Being a beauty consultant can be stressful and time-consuming, but along the way you’ll make lifetime friends with local directors and unit members who love what they do. Events and seminars bring consultants together to celebrate their success and boogie down!

So, Is The Beauty Consultant Life For You?

Are you determined and confident? Are you willing to put yourself out there? Do you want to work hard and play harder? If so then it sounds like beauty consultant life could be for you. Just be sure not to forget about us, the heroes at UnitWise when you’re zooming around town in that pink Cadillac.

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