Everything Directors Need to Know About MyUnitBuzz

Wait, you’re a Mary Kay NSD or sales director, but you don’t use the MyUnitBuzz app to manage your unit? Well then buckle up, because today you’re going to learn about all of the features that MyUnitBuzz has to offer.

First, what is MyUnitBuzz?

MyUnitBuzz is a revolutionary communication app for smartphones and tablets, specifically designed for the Mary Kay community to give NSDs and directors the ability to better communicate with their units. Its free for UnitWise directors!

With the MyUnitBuzz app you can contact your unit on the go, from any location, at anytime. You’ll never miss a question, last minute update, or a unit achievement again.

What are these features?

MyUnitBuzz has a multitude of ingenious, time saving business management features, including:


MyUnitBuzz considers security to be very important. This is why we give you the power to decide who can access your unit updates. You can send your unit members private login information via email, as well as accept or deny access requests.


You'll never have to put an important question on hold again thanks to MyUnitBuzz's chat feature. No matter where you are you will receive comments and questions from your team and can respond to them right away.


Use MyUnitBuzz to send your entire unit messages, photos, videos, and documents all at once. This is great for quickly sending out reminders about meetings and for making sure everyone is on the same page.

Event Calendar

Manage your schedule by adding all of your important events to your online calendar with MyUnitBuzz. Once you schedule a party use the calendar to send out invitations. You’ll receive notifications for RSVPs and questions, with the ability to manage them from the palm of your hand. Plus, you can make sure your event runs smoothly by assigning event tasks to your unit.

Unit Goals

Assign target goals for your unit to reach on a weekly or monthly bases to inspire your team. Set goals for your entire unit, as well as custom goals for individuals. When a goal is met, an accomplishment message will be sent to your entire team to show off what a great job they’re doing.

Unit Career Path

Your unit members might not always know what to do. Give them a guiding hand with a unit career path by assigning them with goals and scheduled targets they will have something to work for. You can view their progress and send them reminders to help them stay focused. Don’t forget to let your unit members know you’re proud! Send out an accomplishment announcement when they do something great.

Resource Library

Give your unit a little independence with the resource library. Upload important documents and training materials for your team to access at any time on their smartphones and tablets. They will take it upon themselves to find answers to their questions, and to brush up on a certain matter.

Image Library

As NSDs, sales directors, and unit members work hard to build their success they often become lifelong friends that play hard. Keep your cherished memories all in one place with the image library. Take photos at parties, events, and award functions and upload them to MyUnitBuzz to reminisce about priceless memories.

Social Media

With all of your social media pages organized in one location, showcasing your business announcements has never been easier. Easily post product updates, special promotions, photos/videos and general unit announcement from one location.

Instantly Get Started With MyUnitBuzz

Download the MyUnitBuzz app today and have instant access to business management tools that can be used on the go. You’ll have 24/7 communication with your unit, total access to social media, and the ability to inspire your team while growing your business.


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