Keep Your Unit Motivated With MyUnitBuzz

Hey directors and independent beauty consultants, you know better than most—when a unit member is unmotivated, they can’t even sell grass to a cow.

Don’t let your unit members fall into a slump until they crash and burn!

Use MyUnitBuzz to keep them happy and motivated, so they’ll work past their potential to fully meet their ambitions.


MyUnitBuzz is a mobile communication app designed for directors and independent beauty consultants to provide them with a direct means of communication with their unit members. It’s full of innovative features to help you motivate and stay connected with your unit at all times.

1. Assign Unit Goals

You can use the unit goals feature on MyUnitBuzz to assign your unit members custom goals. Each individual member can have different goals based off of their abilities, and you can assign goals to your entire unit to complete as a team. This will motivate your unit by giving them short term and long term goals to work towards.

New unit members can really feel lost at first, but MyUnitBuzz can help you get them on the fast track to success with the unit career path feature. Use the unit career path to create a guide for them to follow, full of short term and long term goals. Also, with the unit career path, you will be able to see your unit member’s progress so you’ll know when they need help or a little extra encouragement.

2. Celebrate Your Unit’s Achievements

No progress should go unnoticed, which is why with MyUnitBuzz you can send out an accomplishment message every time a unit member meets their goals. They will be celebrated by your entire team and inspired to work even harder.

If an accomplishment message isn’t enough, MyUnitBuzz keeps all of your social media accounts in one convenient location so you can celebrate your unit members online. Build your unit’s confidence and fame by featuring them on your social media sites regularly.

3. Build Their Confidence

Sometimes the best way to motivate a unit member is by building their confidence. With the resource library you can upload important documents and training materials for your unit to access at anytime. By looking up the answers to their own questions they’ll feel confident and ready to go make some sales.

4. Caring is Motivating

To motivate is to care, which is why MyUnitBuzz has an image library for you to upload photos from events for your unit to see. By keeping memorable photos stored on MyUnitBuzz your unit members will feel appreciated and cared for. As a result, they’ll feel motivated to go out there and make you proud by getting tons of sales.

Motivate Your Unit Today

MyUnitBuzz is free for all UnitWise members, so download the app and start motivating your unit. By doing so you could quickly see a large jump in your sales and have a better relationship with all of your unit members.

Not apart of the UnitWise family? No worries! You can download MyUnitBuzz for free and access its features for a small monthly fee of $2.95. Plus, your unit members will have free access to every feature once you enter in your unit information.


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