How to Get Started With MyUnitBuzz

We, the heroes at UnitWise, always have you, our beloved members in mind. Since 2009, with the creation of UnitWise, the total business management program, we’ve had the constant goal to help you simplify managing your business.

With innovative features for inventory management, email marketing, financial tracking, and more, being in total control of your business has never been easier.

Now with MyUnitBuzz, the total communication app, you can keep track of your unit 24/7, from any location. Use the app to send them individual or group messages, to remind them about upcoming events, to assign them goals, and more.

Best of all, MyUnitBuzz is free for everyone with a UnitWise account, and their unit members.

How to get Started

As a UnitWise member, simply register with MyUnitBuzz and enter your position and unit number. Then download the app for free, and you’ll be sent a verification email.

Once your account is verified, your unit members can download the app for free and access its innovative features after entering their unit number.

I’m a Unit Member, but my Director Hasn’t Activated MyUnitBuzz

As a unit member, you can download MyUnitBuzz for free at any time, but you won’t have access to its features until your director registers with your unit number. However, once you download the app you can use it to send your director an email, asking them to activate it.

Wait, I Don’t use UnitWise

You don’t have to have a UnitWise account to use MyUnitBuzz. You can still download the app for free, but you’ll be charged a monthly fee of $2.95 to access its features. Once you register with your unit number, your unit members will be able to access its features for free.

Download MyUnitBuzz Today

Why wait to use MyUnitBuzz, when you can instantly download the app and have better communication with your unit right at your fingertips? We’re available on the phone Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST to answer questions about UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz to help you easily get started. We also offer 24/7 email support.

** This is the current and updated pricing information for MyUnitBuzz.

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