How to Throw a Successful Makeup Party


Stay calm, your first makeup party is coming up, but you got this. Especially if you’re using the UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz to schedule your event and to keep track of RSVPs! Throwing parties is one of the best ways to get new clients as well as repeat customers. Follow the steps below to have a successful party that’s full of sales.

Plan Your Party In Advance

Schedule your party for an evening that won’t have any conflicting events. Avoid cancelling or rescheduling at all costs. People get frustrated when events are moved, and often decide to not show up.

Give your party a relevant theme to make it interesting. For example, facials to brighten your skin for the fourth of July, or makeovers even Cupid can’t resist for Valentine's day.

Make sure your party is during a time when your prospective clients have the most availability. During the day most of your guests have to work, so it's better to schedule events in the evening. Also, if your guests have children consider starting your event a little later to give them time to give their kids dinner and put them to bed.

Invite a small group of people, so you can spend enough time with each client. By answering their questions and showing them which products fit their individual needs they’ll be more likely to buy. Not everyone invited will show up, when inviting a group of 15 people expect 6 to 8 guests to show up.

Make your invitations irresistible. Find a creative template online to give your invitations a unique and memorable look. Add a free sample or coupon to each one before sending them out. The goal is to make your invitations so fun and exciting that ‘no’ isn’t an option!

Be Prepared With The Right Equipment

Keep up with your RSVPs to know how many people to expect. This way you’ll bring the right amount of goodies for everyone.

Set up the room with a table for everyone to sit at together, so your guests will pay attention during your presentation and demonstrations.

Don’t forget to bring a few lamps to brighten up the room. If the area is too dark your party guests won’t be able to see how good they look with your products on.

Most of your guests will arrive with their makeup from the day still intact, so be sure to provide everyone with moist makeup wipes so they can quickly clean their faces before their facial or makeover.

Serve snacks and appetizers for your guests to nibble on. Keep the food light and simple so the room will stay engaged instead of weighed down with a meal. If someone wants to bring something, let them! When your guests bring their own comfort food or favorite drink they’ll feel much more relaxed.

Put Your Game Face On

If you’re nervous about throwing your party practice with your friends and family members first. This way you’ll gain experience with applying facials and makeup. Also, your loved ones will provide you with valuable feedback.

Remember to be in the right mindset. Be confident, energetic, and social to fill the room with positive energy. Don’t be monotone or sales-oriented, because the party could end up feeling more like a business meeting as a result.

There’s always that one person who says they don’t wear a lot of make-up and won’t buy anything. Don’t let them phase you! Show them what they can do quickly with minimal makeup or show them skincare products. As a strong, independent beauty consultant you can handle any challenge!

Makeup parties are social events with a cheery yet relaxed flow. Make your guests feel at home by inviting them to hang out and socialize after their facials. If they feel rushed they’ll be less likely to buy.

Get Your Party Started

Don’t feel nervous about throwing your makeup party, get excited! These events are fun social gatherings as well as a source for direct sales. By using UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz you’ll be able to organize your party, send out invitations, and handle RSVPs. You’ll have everything you need for a successful markup party.

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