Manage Your Mary Kay Inventory Like a Pro

Inventory is a word so draining that it sends even the most confident NSDs and directors running for the hills. You already manage your finances, unit members, upcoming events, and more. On top of all that, you need to manually enter in your constantly changing inventory, be aware of what’s running low, and keep track of your top-selling items?!

It just doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day for directors to manage their entire Mary Kay business! That’s why we want to lend a helping hand and tell you about how to save precious time by managing your inventory with UnitWise.

What’s UnitWise?

UnitWise is complete business management software full of innovative features, specifically designed for the Mary Kay community in order for NSDs and directors to take their business success to the next level. With the iOS and Android app everything necessary for business organization and planning is placed right at your fingertips, on your smartphone or tablet.

How Can UnitWise Help Me Manage My Inventory?

Managing your inventory with UnitWise is an instant process because it has a list of every single Mary Kay product, making it easy to find the items that you carry. You won’t have to manually enter a single product name. Plus, when Mary Kay introduces a new product it’s automatically added to the product list.

Quickly edit the number of products you have on hand individually, or edit your entire inventory at once with the bulk edit feature. Also, once you get started import purchase orders up to 90 days after shipping to adjust your inventory with your most recent orders.

Every time you create an invoice or receipt any items sold will be immediately taken out of inventory to give you the exact amount of products left in stock. Imagine the time you’ll save without having to manually adjust your inventory anytime that you make a sale!

UnitWise makes it easy to keep track of which items are getting low with reordering reminders. For example, if you sell out of lip liner pretty quickly, set the reminder to 10, and once you only have 10 left in stock you’ll receive a message to order more. Set the same reorder level for every product, or set individual reminders based off of how quickly different products move.

Best of all, with UnitWise you will have total control over how your inventory is organized. Maybe you want all of your eye products in a group, or maybe you want all of the blue makeup together, the possibilities are endless! Just be sure to add your top-selling items to your hotlist so you’ll always have them ready to make a sale.

Try UnitWise For Yourself

Check out our complimentary 15-day trial to see if UnitWise is right for you. Test out our innovative, time-saving features for total business management to simplify managing your unit, schedule, sales, inventory, and more.


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