Mary Kay Directors: Here's the Business Tool You Are Missing

We have an important question for Mary Kay NSD’s and directors. How do you stay connected with your unit? Do you have a list of your units contact information written down somewhere? When sending group text messages does adding them one by one take a long time?

That makes sending your unit a simple message seem impossible. Simplify communicating with your Mary Kay unit by with the MyUnitBuzz app.

What is the MyUnitBuzz app?

MyUnitBuzz is an app designed for smartphones and tablets that makes communicating with your Mary Kay unit easier. With this app you can assign all of your unit members to a group and send them texts or photos from events in the blink of an eye. Mary Kay directors can also use this app to send out reminders about upcoming meetings and other important events.

You can even give your unit the power to find answers on their own, by uploading important documents and training materials that they can access at anytime. This is great for when you’re in an important meeting and can’t respond to their questions right away.

I have UnitWise, does MyUnitBuzz cost extra?

Great news! If you’re a UnitWise member with the Director Complete or Consultant Complete plan then you already have access to the app for free! That’s right, completely free!

UnitWise members can instantly get started with MyUnitBuzz because their account will automatically sync with the app as soon as it’s downloaded.

If you aren’t a UnitWise member or you don’t have the Director or Consultant Complete plans you can still download the app for $2.95.

What does Mary Kay get out of this?

While UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz aren’t affiliated with Mary Kay, they are designed to make it easier for NSDs and Directors to manage their units and grow their businesses. When NSDs and directors choose to utilize UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz they often become more focused and organized. Unit leaders and members tend to start generating more business, which helps Mary Kay become even more successful.

Try it for yourself

MyUnitBuzz may be geared toward easier communication, but it’s actually an app full of time saving features for total business management. Best of all, MyUnitBuzz is free for UnitWise directors.


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