Proven Anti-Aging Methods

Here at UnitWise, we consider every aspect of the beauty consulting world to help you become the best director you can be, especially when it comes to sales and managing your unit. One of the often-overlooked aspects of being a director is having healthy skin.

You could be in the beauty consulting business for years! Heck, it could even become a lifelong career, so it’s important to prevent aging. If you look flawless in your beauty products, then more customers will be more tempted to buy, in order to look their best too.

Plus, you aren’t just selling makeup, you’re selling skincare products. If your skin has a youthful glow then it proves the success of your products. Keep your skin looking its best with the following tips.

Be Sure To Rest

Your skin works as hard as you do, so it will need a break sometimes too! Be sure to unwind every evening. Stress causes your skin to flare up and can cause breakouts, which lead to permanent scarring.

Unwind with a little meditation, or by watching an episode of your favorite guilty pleasure reality TV show. Yes, even the real housewives! We won’t judge, we just want you to relax. Relaxing will lead to better sleep, which is important because damaged skin cells get repaired while you get your beauty rest. Also, skin rehydrates when you sleep and looks firm and colorful as a result.

Quit Smoking

Smoking puts your skin on the fast track to premature aging. It’s common for smokers to look much older than they actually are. Daily smoking leads to drooping, flabby skin, crow's feet, and lines around the mouth because smoking breaks down the collagen in your skin.

It also restricts blood vessels leading to discoloration, so oxygen can’t get to your skin cells and slows down the skin repair and healing process. When the skin repairing process is hindered discoloration and scars take longer to heal.

Avoid Sun Burns

The sun may feel like your friend with its bright, cheery attitude and warm rays that reach down to give you a warm hug on a chilly day, but in reality, the sun can be your skin’s worst enemy. When Ancient Greeks avoided the sun to preserve a youthful appearance, they were on to something.

Sunlight causes discoloration, which leads to darker spots on the skin. Damaging UV rays also lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. Plus, the sun dries your skin out, which leads to cracks, and dark bags under the eyes.

When you’re going to be outside for a while, go prepared with a large hat to shade your face. Also, be sure to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every two hours.

Get Your Diet On Track

Sugar, which can seem irresistible, damages skin at an alarming rate. Sugar attaches itself to collagen and weighs it down, causing the skin to sag. Wrinkles can be caused by sugar, because it sucks the moisture out of skin cells, leaving your skin dry and brittle. Sugar also causes breakouts and inflames the skin, making it difficult for your body to repair it.

Try swapping your dessert with some fruit or drinking green tea instead of sugary coffee. The antioxidants in fruit and tea prevent aging while calming and firming skin. Antioxidants also repair sun damage, scars, and make wrinkles less visible.

Vitamin C found in citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli and more reduces stress and is even believed to prevent sun damage. Vitamin C actually plays a major role in producing collagen, which firms your skin.

Work Those Sales While Looking Your Best

With a few simple lifestyle changes you can take years off of your face, so you’ll have a youthful glow while selling your products. Not only will looking your best help you hook more sales, but it will also boost your confidence and you might push for bigger sales as a result.

Also, by using UnitWise, the all-in-one business management program designed for independent beauty consultants and directors you’ll save time and prevent stress, leaving you with more time to relax and practice good anti-aging habits.


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