The Easiest Way to Share Your Favorite Seminar Moments

The Mary Kay Seminar is an exciting time that is full of educational events with conferences about leadership, career workshops, motivational speakers, and more. However, there are also entertaining events and award shows that can really excite your unit.

Before your unit scatters all across the convention to different activities, round them up with an itinerary filled with speakers and classes they can really benefit from with MyUnitBuzzApp.

How can MyUnitBuzz help me manage my unit?

MyUnitBuzz is a communication app filled with tons of features specifically designed for NSDs and sales directors to manage their units on the go. By downloading this app on your smartphone or tablet you’ll instantly be able to message and manage your unit from anywhere.

Use our event calendar feature to list the activities you want your unit to attend during the Mary Kay Seminar. Once you have conferences or workshops scheduled you can send out invitations for them. Your unit will receive notifications about scheduled activities and can view the calendar on their smartphones.

Also, with the event calendar, you can assign tasks to certain unit members and answer any questions that they may have.

By using the message feature you can send group messages to your team to find out where they are during the conference. Check in with them to see if they’re having a good time and to remind them about upcoming meetings.

MyUnitBuzz offers a photo gallery, so if your unit takes photos during shows or events they can instantly share them with everyone in your team. Plus, you can send photos directly to their phones!

If one of your unit members can’t make it to the conference, they don’t have to miss out. With the MyUnitBuzz resource library you can upload important documents and training materials from the seminar for your team to access at anytime.

Download MyUnitBuzz For The Mary Kay Conference

The Mary Kay Seminar is for learning and celebrating, make sure your unit gets the most out of their time with MyUnitBuzz. Create a schedule for them, chat with them to keep up with their activities, share photos, upload important documents, and more! Also, don’t forget to celebrate your Mary Kay success with tons of fellow NSDs and sales directors from all across the nation.


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