Build Your Business With Email Marketing From UnitWise

Directors and independent beauty consultants, it’s time to step up your game with UnitWise, the ultimate business management software! Not only will UnitWise help you save time, it will also take the stress out of managing your beauty consulting business.

UnitWise is specifically designed for directors, NSD’s, and independent beauty consultants, and it has tons of innovative tools for managing your inventory, manage customers, online invoices and payments, and social media management—plus more.

However, one of the most important tools to boost your business is the email marketing tool.

Email Marketing With UnitWise

Email marketing is a major way to introduce your products to multiple prospective clients all at once. With UnitWise, you can send out bulk emails to a group of specific individuals, or to your entire mailing list. Plus, you can upload your entire contact to list to UnitWise, so you won’t have to enter everyone’s email address one by one.

Instead of feeling like impersonal bulk messages, your emails appear as personalized, individual messages. You can even set up your email to greet your customers with their first name! It will seem as if the email was sent just to them, to offer them a special deal, when in reality the email was sent to hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of people.

The email feature allows you to instantly send out messages and schedule emails in advance, so you can plan ahead by scheduling emails to go out on people’s birthdays or for holiday sales.

Prospective clients can simply click unsubscribe to the emails at anytime if they wish to no longer receive your updates or promotions.

100% Customizable

UnitWise has pre-made email templates that you can add text, images, and links to, but the templates are also 100% customizable. That’s right, you can give your emails a touch of your personal flair with pink or sparkly borders.

Each email will easily have a professional look with a touch of your custom colors. If you would like to add multiple photos to your email with a neat, uniform look simply add a table with aligned rows for you to drop your photos in. You can adjust the table to have a certain amount of columns and rows based off of your needs. Each row can hold text, photos, or links, so let your imagination run wild while quickly creating a professional email.

Look at the Reports!

Although some people do it, it’s often not the best technique to fire off emails blindly into the depths of the internet. Which is why UnitWise keeps track of everything about your email campaigns, so you can learn what works or what doesn’t work with your demographic.

You’ll have charts that clearly explain how many people opened your email, how people many clicked on links or unsubscribed. Also, you’ll be able to see how many people didn’t open your email, so you’ll know if you need to make a more compelling subject line next time.

Test UnitWise Yourself

Sign up for your free 15 day trial with UnitWise to test all of the intuitive features for yourself. With features for conference calling, expense tracking, managing your unit, and more you’ll be able to effectively manage and organize your business without any hassle. Plus, the email marketing will let you reach new customers with irresistable deals to boost your sales!

*Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.


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