Manage All Your Social Media Accounts with this One App

UnitWise knows that for Directors and NSDs social media is a must-have. While the best method to increase sales used to be through face-to-face interaction, today the game has changed. More and more sales are becoming digitalized.

That’s why with the creation of MyUnitBuzz, the total communication app, designed for Directors and NSDs, we were sure to include a social media management tool! With MyUnitBuzz you can easily and effectively manage all of your social media accounts from one convenient location.

Why Social Media is Important For Beauty Consultants

Social media can be used as a way to market your business in order to get new clients. Just by posting updates, you’ll get yourself and your unit out there to gain new and returning customers.

Plus, you can use social media to mention details about upcoming events and parties and also invite more people to attend.

You can also use social media to promote your special offers. It’s a great way to give your coupons and deals tons of attention. Plus, with the upcoming holiday season, it’s one of the best times of the year to create new deals to increase sales.

Multiple Social Media Accounts can be Difficult to Manage

It can be an extremely time-consuming process to update all of your social media accounts with their individual apps. Once you post something on Facebook you’ll have to exit the app to post it on Instagram, then you’ll have to leave that app to post your update on Twitter.

Switching between apps can be a long process, especially if you have to enter your username and password every time.

Keep in mind that each app has different size requirements for photos and images, and different hashtags that are trending. It’s important to be sure that each post and update is optimized for their specific social media platform, and luckily MyUnitBuzz makes that extremely simple!

How MyUnitBuzz Helps

MyUnitBuzz keeps all of your social media accounts in one place, so you won't have to switch in and out of apps to send out an update. Plus, MyUnitBuzz keeps you signed in to your social media accounts, making constantly entering in your username and password a thing of the past.

As a mobile app, MyUnitBuzz will always be with you as long as you have your smartphone, so you can live-tweet an event or share a photo at any time. Wherever you go, your social media sites will be right there with you.

You and your unit members can use the image library feature to upload and store all of your images from events and parties to post later. By keeping all of your business-related images in one place you can quickly browse through them to find the perfect image for a new post. This saves time by keeping work photos separated from personal photos to make them easy to find.


Get Started With MyUnitBuzz

The social media feature is only one of the intuitive tools MyUnitBuzz offers to simplify managing your unit. Use MyUnitBuzz to build a better connection with your unit members by using its innovative features for group messaging, assigning unit goals, progress reports, and more.

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