Men In The Beauty Consultant World

What? You just saw a man selling beauty and skincare products?! Well relax, even though it isn’t something you see every day and almost seems magical, it’s not exactly like spotting a unicorn. There is actually a growing number of men in the beauty consulting business, so much so that men even account for about 20% of beauty consultants.

Challenges Men Face In The Beauty Consulting Business

On the surface it seems like men are supposed to be manly, and not care about how their skin looks. When they get hurt, they don’t cry! They simply rub some dirt in their wounds!

However, in reality men face similar pressures in society to look their best and often turn to male skin care products and male fragrances to look and smell great. This isn’t news to us, because even Mary Kay launched products for men in 1964!

The makeup industry comes with a lot of pink and a lot of glitter, so the common thought is that men would avoid it at all costs, but in reality, some men are tough enough to wear pink. For years men have supported the color pink for causes like breast cancer awareness with confidence.

There can be a common assumption that women are intimidated by men and don’t want them in their homes to host parties, and don’t want to be approached on the street. That doesn’t stop dedicated salesmen from making sales while making both men and women feel comfortable and confident.

How Men Achieve Success

Male beauty consultants know that being metro sexual increases a man’s confidence. When men look their best they feel better, so they use that to their advantage to educate men about male skin care products.

Men market their skin products to the demographic that’s often skipped, men. They find men in positions where the elements are tough on their skin and offer products to heal, repair, and prevent damages.

For example, male pilots and flight attendants often have very dry, cracking skin due the the lack of humidity in planes, so male consultants can offer them moisturizers to hydrate and protect their skin. This technique works well for selling to female pilots and flight attendants as well.

Instead of hosting parties, men men often go out and about all around town to offer both men and women free facials to hook them on their products. They also inform everyone they meet about how rough the sun can be on skin. Damaging UV rays don’t discriminate, they do equal amounts of damage to people’s skin no matter what their gender is. Therefore, everyone could benefit from protective moisturizers and tinted sunscreens with an SPF of 35 or higher.

During parties or events male consultants can take on a nurturing and pampering role to relax potential clients as they get facials. This technique has so much success that most women prefer getting facials from men. It makes them feel relaxed and as if they’re receiving a royal treatment.

Ladies, keep in mind that you can appeal to men for sales too. Educate men about your products. For practice you can find husbands who are hiding away during parties and events to offer them a free facial or hand scrub.

Men Love It

The loving support and teamwork in the beauty consulting world inspires men to work their hardest. The confidence building environment empowers both men and women to reach for the stars to achieve high levels of success.

With the flexibility of beauty consulting men and women can work full time, part time, or simply sell beauty and skincare products as a hobby. This allows people to make a career out of sales, or to work in their free time for a fun activity.

The perks that comes with reaching high levels of success are both fun for men and women. Men love wearing red blazers and love it when they earn the right to use a company car. Not every cadillac is pink, but why does that matter? Even Elvis, the KING, drove a pink one.

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