Secrets to the Perfect Gameface Makeup

Football season has officially started, meaning it’s time to pull out your lucky red dress, gameday skirt, or fashionable top, because when you support your team you’ll look your best while doing so.

Dressing casual for games is a thing of the past. It’s now fashion forward to look hot and trendy at tailgates, in stadiums, in bars after the game, or even if you’re just at a friend’s house, huddled around their giant TV.

You have the perfect outfit, but what about the perfect makeup? Be prepared and support your team with the following makeup tips:

Prepare for the Elements

If you’re going to be at a tailgate or in the stadium, then remember that you’ll be outside for hours. Check the weather ahead of time to see what the gameday conditions will be like. If it calls for rain, prep your skin with waterproof makeup, like waterproof mascara and concealer.

In case it’s going to be a hot day, be sure to use a waterproof foundation so sweat doesn’t melt it away. Also, set your concealer with powder for a long lasting look. Remember, you can always use a finishing spray to keep your look all day long, no matter what the weather is like.

Also, you can wear a hat to keep the sun off your face, to prevent your skin from reddening or sweating.

When choosing a moisturizer, consider grabbing one with an SPF of 35 or higher to protect your face from getting a sunburn. A tinted sunscreen will also give you a flawless look while protecting your skin.

Glam It Up

Sporting events are a time to celebrate and cut loose. Instead of putting on the makeup you use for your daily routine—spice things up! Get eye shadow for the color of your team and layer it on. For example, if your favorite team is the Carolina panthers start off with black eye shadow that fades into blue.

To make the colors really pop around your eyes use a white eyeliner. White eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger as well as draw attention to your team-colored eye shadow.

Don’t forget about the glitter! Not only is glitter in as a fashion trend right now, but it will also make you look like a superstar. Under the stadium lights your glittery eyeshadow and blush will shimmer and sparkle giving you a fierce eye-catching look.

Remember that football season comes with fall, y’all, and with fall darker lipsticks come into style. Try out shades of dark red to find the perfect color to accent your gameday look.

How to Be Discrete

Only clear bags are allowed in most stadiums, so how do you hide the fact that you’re bringing makeup to the big game?

To hide your foundation, use a tinted sunscreen. To the common eye it will look like you have a regular old tube of sunscreen, but in reality you can use it to protect your skin and touch up your foundation.

Not every bag has to be clear. Clutches or tiny bags that are 4.5” by 6.5” can be brought in. That’s a small bag, but it can fit necessary items like lipstick or eyeliner. Pick your most important products and make sure they fit in the bag.

Still need a little extra room for one more item? Carry your make up in your pockets. Jeans or dresses with pockets have more than enough space for a compact tube of lipgloss or compact powder.

Consultants, use Football to Push Sales

Football season can be the best time of the year to push new products. Not only can you push new fall colors, but you can also push team colors and provide game day makeovers. Don’t forget to introduce new clients to compact make up that they can easily tuck away to bring inside the stadium.

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