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When it comes to being a successful director, NSD, or independent beauty consultant, one of the major keys you need to become a great leader is communication. Your unit members need to see you as approachable, motivational, and available.

During today’s busy society, everyone has different schedules with varying lists of appointments and errands to run. It can be difficult to get everyone to stop and come together for a social gathering, let alone a work-related event.

How will you get your unit together to communicate about new products or upcoming events if they can’t even stand still for long? The answer is simple, improve your communication with MyUnitBuzz.


The MyUnitBuzz App

MyUnitBuzz is the total communication app specifically designed for directors and NSDs to better communicate with their unit members. It’s full of innovative features for promoting, motivating, and conversing with your unit. Some of the most popular features among directors and NSDs include group messaging, assigning unit goals, managing social media accounts.

How MyUnitBuzz Improves Communication

Because MyUnitBuzz is a mobile app, it can be downloaded on both smartphones and tablets to be taken with you wherever you go. You can use the app to send your unit a quick message no matter what you’re up to. Plus, you can send out reminders from the gym, grocery store, or office.

With the chat feature, you can send private messages back and forth with your unit members at any time. You’ll be available to your unit to answer their questions while on the go, which means you’ll no longer have to formally sit down and log into a program to communicate with your unit.

MyUnitBuzz also has a group messaging feature, so you can save time by sending your entire unit a message all at once instead of one at a time. Instead of finding your unit’s information one by one to add to a text message or email you’ll have all of their information in one convenient location, so you can quickly send out a message to share news and updates.

Plus, messages sent from MyUnitBuzz are kept in the app, separate from your text messages. This way your business-related messages aren’t mixed in with your personal texts, and they’ll be easy to find.

Directors can assign unit members goals to complete on an individual and group basis. By tracking their progress directors will be able to see when they need to communicate with their unit members to motivate or help them reach their goals. Also, when a goal is met directors can send out an achievement message to let their unit members know that they’re proud of them.


Get Started With MyUnitBuzz

Download MyUnitBuzz on your smartphone or tablet today to see how better communication will instantly help you manage and motivate your unit.

You’ll be totally connected to your unit with access to tons of innovative features for messaging, uploading documents to a resource library, organizing your schedule with an online event calendar, and more.

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