Email Marketing Is Easy With UnitWise


Want to give your business a boost? What if we told you there is a way to quickly and easily target your customers with personalized messages about your sales? Then what if we told you the messages were incredibly simple to create? Would that sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. Boosting your sales is possible with the help of email marketing with UnitWise. 


UnitWise is the number one business management solution specifically designed for NSDs, directors, and independent beauty consultants in order to help them effectively manage their entire beauty consulting business.

You can take advantage of UnitWise’s time-saving features for managing your billing, invoicing, inventory, sales reports, email marketing, and so much more. 

Email Marketing With UnitWise

With email marketing, you can reach a broad audience in a matter of minutes to promote your business or push a sale. It’s a tool that can be used to relate promotions to particular holidays or events to finally hook leads.

Now we understand that email marketing can be intimidating because it can be hard to design a professional-looking message, but UnitWise handles everything for you. UnitWise has a premade email template where you can easily drop and drag tables and images so you’ll have a professional-looking email in a matter of minutes.

Plus, the emails look like they’re personalized for each recipient because we hide all of the other email addresses. Once your customer gets your message it will look like it was sent only to them. We even customize each email to greet the recipient with their name!

We know that you have a lot of contacts, from leads, repeat customers, your unit members, and more. That’s why you can separate your email addresses into different groups to only send certain people messages.

For example, you could send your leads a special coupon code for their first order or you could send your customers who like the hand repair kit a BOGO offer. You could also send out messages to your unit to recognize birthdays, anniversaries, sales recognition, or any other message-worthy event.

Time flies. It can be hard to keep up with holidays and birthdays. I mean if we had a nickel for every time Christmas snuck up on us… That’s why you can schedule your emails to be sent out in advance. You can pick a day of the week to look at your planner and schedule all of your messages for upcoming events for the week, month, or even the entire year!

Unfortunately, some people don’t want to receive sales-based emails, so no problem, they can simply unsubscribe from your messages. By doing so they will no longer receive your email promotions. Also, if they mark your messages as spam they’ll no longer get them.

You know what takes a little practice? Learning what your audience likes. Luckily, UnitWise makes it easy for you to improve your email marketing skills with the help of our email marketing reports.

The reports include how many people your email’s reached, so you’ll know who you need to reach out to in case you have their email information entered incorrectly. You’ll also be able to see how many people opened your email, and click the link to the products you included, who left the email unopened, how many people unsubscribed, and more.

Viewing this report for each email will give you indicators of what your target audience likes and which promotions get the most sales, so you can adapt your email marketing campaign to target the most sales.

Try UnitWise Today

It only takes a few moments to sign up for your free 15-day trial with UnitWise, then you can instantly test out the amazing email marketing features for yourself to boost your sales and to give your unit recognition. There are also a ton of other amazing features to take advantage of for free conference calls, contact management, social media, unit sales reports, and more!

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