Secrets That Led To Mary Kay's Success


As a beauty consultant you have the power to set your own schedule, enjoy selling products as a hobby or full-time career, and the potential to make a wealthy living. It’s a unique career opportunity that changed the role of women in business and has helped millions of women across the world feel beautiful, successful, and most importantly, empowered.

The beauty consultant industry is huge and flourishing, all thanks to one person, Mary Kay, so what are her secrets to success? By taking a moment to learn them you could be on your way to building your own empire.

The Secrets To Mary Kay’s Success

The first thing to know about Mary Kay is that she didn’t take any crap. Nothing stood in her way. While working for a company a man she trained herself was picked for a promotion over her, and he was given a much bigger salary. Mary Kay decided that she wouldn’t stand for it, and quit. She moved on to bigger and better things, like starting her own business for example.

Mary Kay was also very persistent. She never gave up in life, even when things got rough. Even though she didn’t start her business until she was 45 she knew she could do it and continued to work until it became a worldly success.

She was one positive lady. Her most important accessory was her smile, and she shared it with everyone, everywhere she went. A young woman boarded an elevator one day and Mary Kay asked, “How is your day going” and the girl replied, “It’s going fine.” Mary Kay flashed the girl a big smile and said, “Well then make it great!.” Just by smiling more and adopting a more positive attitude, you’ll be surprised by how much of a major difference a positive attitude can make in your life.

Mary Kay got out of her comfort zone. Sticking to her old job would have been easy. Starting a new business, talking to people, leading people, and more takes guts. She didn’t settle for the day-to-day routine, instead, she went for greatness.

Mistakes were alright. Mary Kay didn’t criticize people for making their mistakes. Instead, mistakes were supposed to be a learning experience. To make it in business you have to at least try. You can’t make a mistake unless you try, and if you do make a mistake you can learn from it and try again.

Another thing to know about Mary Kay is that she was very respectful. She believed in treating everyone like you would like to be treated. It didn’t matter if you were a stranger or a friend, the janitor or the CEO. She treated everyone with the same respect.

Also, she was encouraging. She didn’t understand why women didn’t take advantage of their God-given potential. One of her goals was to help others achieve their own, and she did that by encouraging people to reach their goals.

Mary Kay stood by her priorities. God first, family second, career third. Her faith was important, as well as her family. She loved her parents, sons, grandkids, and more, all while not letting her career get in the way. Even though she had her own religious beliefs she accepted differing opinions from others and encouraged them to stick to their priorities and beliefs as well.

Plus, she knew how to have a good time. Do you think fur coats and pink Cadillacs came from someone boring?! At Mary Kay, you work hard and you play hard with awesome prizes. You can’t forget about seminar, the party in Texas that's almost bigger than the state itself, where beauty consultants meet from all over to learn more about the business and have a good time.

The Next Stop Is The Top

Mary Kay started by quitting her job and opening a storefront in Texas. With hard work, persistence, and a positive attitude she grew her business into a major worldwide industry. You too can achieve greatness by reaching for your dreams with the help of Mary Kay’s secrets to success.

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