Spring 2017 Makeup Trends

Alright, ladies! It’s time to knock the snow off your boots, store your winter coat, and clean out your makeup drawer. Spring is coming in hot with longer days, warmer weather, and brighter colors. Don’t fall behind, stay up to date with the latest spring 2017 makeup trends to show off at your makeup parties!


Spring 2017 Makeup Trends

First, we have to make sure that you switch foundations. As you go from winter to spring your face will get darker, so even if you have a lot of your light-colored winter foundation left, clear it out. You never want to apply a foundation that’s lighter than your actual skin tone to your face. Now let’s get started with those makeup trends!

We’re excited to announce that one trend that survived the winter is glitter! Glitter is hot and here to stay. Experiment by coating your lips in full-on glitter, adding glitter to your eyebrows, and using glitter to accent your lips and eyeliners. Heck, you should even try using glitter instead of eye shadow.

One thing to take away from the spring fashion shows is the blush bomb. Now that winter is gone it’s time to shine bright and be noticed with color. Bright shades of blush are trending with bright reds, bright pinks, and rosy shades.

Blush is literally reaching new heights by being spread up to the temple with glossy smudges. Although people are being a bit more reserved by only smudging it all across their apple cheeks. To add to the glam add a splash of shimmer in the center or have your nails match your blush.

Pucker up, it’s time to discuss lips. A lot of new things are happening with lip makeup these days! A lot of blood things, that is. It’s time to turn up the color with bright shades of fuchsia, electric orange, cherry red, peachy orange, teal, and more.

Texture-wise lips are getting creamier. They look soft and wet. Things are also getting mixed up with semi-matte lips. You can have a matte outside with a creamy inside or vice versa. You can also have a matte top lip with a creamy bottom lip.

Why stop at one color? It’s time to experiment with fades that start with an inner lighter color and fade to dark. Also, we’re seeing more and more darker top lips with lighter bottom lips. To be extra bold accent your Cupid’s bow with a metallic shade.

The ’80s called, they want to come back, and they’re doing it in style. Pastel pinks are covering eyelids and we can’t get enough of it. Other popular colors include emerald, cobalt, warm peach, teal, glossy pink, robin egg, and shades of red.

Wash out eyes where the color starts off intense and then fades away with a glossy smudge are in, especially in shades of orange-red, rosy red, and burgundy red.

Instead of having typical eye shadow painted around your eye, it’s time to throw out the instructions by smearing it from one corner to the other for a rocker chick vibe. Also, glossy and smudged smoky eyes seem to be all the rage.

Speaking of rocker, be sure to use smudge eyeliner in shades of black, gray, brown, or navy. Winged cat tips are still in, along with tracing only half of the outer corner of your eye. Don’t forget to accent your wings with some glitter or a metallic shade.

As far as you complexion it’s time to get highlighted and glossy. The athletic, moisturized look and a healthy glow are in. You can achieve this look by highlighting your skin with tones of yellow and gold. Then be sure to throw in a little shimmer for warmth.

Spring Is Coming!

We’re ready to warm up and experiment with new colorful looks to bring in the spring. Remember to clean out your makeup box and learn new tips and techniques to show off and be trendy at your upcoming makeup parties!

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