How To Receive Free Access To MyUnitBuzz

You’re a director? That’s more like being a superwoman! Not only are you managing your own sales, but you’re directing and leading a unit too. We’re fully aware that units can have as little to 4 members to upwards of 30 members. Either way, keeping up with each member can get hectic. That’s why UnitWise offers a free solution for Unit management with MyUnitBuzz.


UnitWise is the total business management solution that’s specifically designed for NSDs, directors, and independent beauty consultants. It takes the entire beauty consultant business and places it online with revolutionary features that help you save time while effectively managing your business. A few of the features include email marketing, unit reports, accounting, inventory management, and so much more!

Plus, with a UnitWise account, you get free access to MyUnitBuzz! 


MyUnitBuzz is the complete communication app for directors and their unit members. It places everything you need for communicating with and managing your unit right in the palm of your hand. The app is available for any smartphone and will change the way you connect with your unit.

The groundbreaking MyUnitBuzz Features include:

With the chat feature, you no longer have to search for your unit member’s info in your address book because you can pull it up in a matter of seconds within the MyUnitBuzz app. The chat feature allows you to send instant messages back and forth between yourself and individual unit members. These chats are kept inside the app, separate from your personal texts.

The event calendar helps you and your entire unit stay up to date with upcoming meetings, parties, seminars, and more. Everyone in your unit will have access to this calendar and can reference it for upcoming events. You can use the calendar to send out invitations to parties, manage RSVPs, answer questions about the event, and assign event tasks to your unit members. Plus, you can even use it to send out reminders about upcoming meetings.

You can use the goals feature to make sure your unit is always working towards improving their businesses. You can assign goals on a group or individual basis, then use this feature to track your unit’s progress towards meeting their goals. With this feature, you can send your unit members messages at any time to discuss their target goal and to encourage them to keep working towards it.

Being a new unit member can be intimidating at first, but you can help new members along by using the unit career path feature to outline a plan filled with both short-term and long-term goals for your unit member to complete. Rack their progress and keep them motivated by sending them goal reminder messages, new target goals, and accomplishment messages.

Take advantage of the document library to upload all of your important materials to one convenient location for your unit members to access. Quickly upload .pdfs and .docs for your entire unit to see. This is a perfect place to keep your training materials for your unit members to reference at any time.

Use the image library to showcase all of your photos. You and your unit will always be snapping memorable photos from events, make-up parties, and award functions, so the image library provides a convenient place to keep all of the photos that can be accessed within the app.

Do you have something you wish you could easily send out to your entire unit? Then use the group message feature! With this feature in a matter of seconds, you can send out a message, image, or video to your entire team. This is especially helpful when you need to send out quick updates about a meeting.

What happens within your unit is your personal business, that’s why MyUnitBuzz includes an Invite/Access feature, which gives you the power to accept or deny access requests to your group on MyUnitBuzz. You can also use this feature to send your team individual login information via email.

We all love social media right? Good! Because MyUnitBuzz makes it super easy to update all of your social media accounts. With just a few taps of your thumbs, you can instantly post new photos and updates. Plus, MyUnitBuzz keeps you logging into multiple accounts so you don’t have to log out to switch between them.

Part of being a good leader involves giving recognition where it’s due. That’s why MyUnitBuzz makes it easy to recognize your unit members with the special recognition feature. It shows you unit birthdays, anniversaries, sales, achievements, and more so you’ll know when to send out a special message to recognize your unit members.

Get Started With UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz

Sign up for your free 15-day trial with UnitWise so you can test out both UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz for yourself. Once you see how their innovative features can help you save time while managing your entire business you’ll wonder how you ever ran your beauty consulting business without them!

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