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Who, what, when, where? As a Director, NSD, or independent beauty consultant those questions can cause major havoc on your brain. When you work in the beauty industry things can get pretty hectic and busy at times. How do you remember all of your tasks and manage all of your unit members? We’re sure they have a lot of questions!

This is where UnitWise can help, by placing the tools you need to take control of the storm into your hands.

Keeping Track Of Everything

Once you sign up with UnitWise, the complete business management solution, you get access to the game changer, MyUnitBuzz. MyUnitBuzz is the communications app that’s changing the way directors connect with their unit and it's full of innovative features to help you stay on top of your game by providing a place to organize everything that you need to keep track of.

For example, MyUnitBuzz has a resource library where you can upload important documents and training materials for your unit members to access. This way they can simply access the app on their own and find the file they need. You don’t have to remember where the file is on your computer or hunt it down to email it to them.

Also, MyUnitBuzz serves as your event headquarters, because you can use it to store all the information about upcoming makeup parties and more. Not only can your unit members access the event to see when and where it is, but you can use MyUnitBuzz to send out invitations, assign event tasks, and to send out event reminders to make sure everyone is in the loop.

You can’t forget to update your social media for your business, but keeping up with it can be a hassle, unless you use MyUnitBuzz. It keeps all of your social media accounts in one convenient location so you can quickly and easily post all of your updates. Plus, you can use your business accounts inside of the app so you won’t have to sign in and out of your personal accounts every time.

Part of being a good leader is giving recognition where it is due to let your unit members know you appreciate all the hard work they put in.

That’s why MyUnitBuzz includes a special recognition feature so you can keep up with birthday’s, anniversaries, sales, achievements, and more all in one location. You can simply check the app for important upcoming dates. Then you can send out a celebratory message to celebrate!

The special recognition feature also lets you view your unit’s InTouch reports to easily keep up with your Unit’s sales and check in on how they’re doing at any time.

Remember to push your unit towards reaching new goals and higher levels of success. That’s easy with the help of MyUnitBuzz because you can use the unit goals feature to customize custom goals for your unit as a team or on an individual basis.

Speaking of messages, MyUnitBuzz lets you keep all of your communications with your unit inside of the app, separate from your personal text messages. Use MyUnitBuzz to instantly send out group messages or individually chat with an individual unit member at any time.

What Are You Waiting For?

Start your free 15-day trial with UnitWise today and see how MyUnitBuzz helps you keep track of everything you need in one convenient app, right on your smartphone. The answers to your unit’s questions, event details, progress reports, and more will be kept at your fingertips.


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