How To Prevent Summer Dry Skin

It’s really starting to heat up out there. You might find yourself feeling a little extra heated by the pool, at the beach, or just during your normal daily routine. As you heat up, so does your skin! Don’t suffer from irritated, dry skin all summer long, learn how to help your skin fight the dry heat.


Fighting Summer Dry Skin

The basics start with your showering techniques. Even though a hot steamy shower might be the only way to get up in the morning, your skin will thank you for turning down the heat. Hot showers actually dry your skin out, and you’ll benefit from a cooler, lukewarm shower instead.

Then while you’re in there remember to exfoliate with a gentle scrub. Over-exfoliating can irritate sensitive skin, but gently exfoliating will help wash away debris like dirt, and dead skin that clogs your pores so your skin will be able to absorb more moisture.

When your skin is still moist from the shower then it’s the best time to apply hydrating moisturizer lotion. Put it all over! Also, it doesn’t have to be a once-a-day activity. Apply moisturizer before bed, during a nose powdering session, or at any point when your skin feels dry. You can even up your moisturizing game with a hydrating face mask or a refreshing face mist.

Don’t forget to hydrate your own body. Drink water all day long to hydrate your skin. Remember to up your water intake during the summer to beat heat causing dehydration. Also, you can liven your water up with cucumbers, lemons, and berries to add vitamins and minerals that will boost your skin.

Even though summer is the time to go out and catch some rays you have to protect your skin from the sun. Sit in the shade when you can and wear protective clothing like large hats. Also, don’t forget to apply, reapply, and reapply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours. You can even get some SPF lip balm to protect the sensitive skin on your lips.

Harsh chemicals in sunscreen can really dry out your skin so look for an organic brand. Other harsh chemicals that can do a number on your skin are found in bug sprays, bath bombs, and chlorine.

After being in the sun be sure to treat any possible sunburn or skin irritation as soon as possible. Sooth your skin with some aloe vera or cooling lotion and take some aspirin to reduce inflammation.

Now we know that you aren’t going to avoid the pool, and neither are we, just keep in mind that it’s best to rinse off chlorine with warm water as soon as you can after taking a dip.

When you’re cooling off inside try not to pick a seat by a blowing fan or an AC vent. As cold air whips through the room, it can dry your skin out faster than you know it. However, You could place a humidifier in the room to add moisture to the air.


Keep Cool This Summer

Don’t like irritated, itchy skin hold you back from enjoying summer activities! Keep your skin nice and hydrated for comfort all season long. Don’t hold yourself back from the pool or a day by the lake, just be prepared to protect your skin from the sun and never forget to moisturize!

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