Ultimate Travel Hacks for Packing your Beauty Products

The kids start back to school in a few short weeks, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for one last family vacation. Take a mini-vacation to the beach, amusement park, state park or take off on a mini-road trip. Whatever, you choose to enjoy the last days of summer before the kids go back to school make it memorable.

While traveling can be stressful for several reasons, let's try to focus on simplifying packing and storing your makeup and beauty supply. If you are like me, even when you try to stay neat and organized when packing your makeup and hair products, there still ends up being a whole lot of stuff that you don’t even use on the trip. Not to mention traveling with super spillable products that always seem to find their way on your favorite shirt or all over the inside of your makeup bag in transit.

If you have had any of these experiences or just want to be better organized on your upcoming trip here are some travel hack for packing your makeup and hair supplies.

1. Make a list

Before you even start packing sit down and make a list to ensure nothing is forgotten and these also keeps you from packing unnecessary items. The best way to start is to go through your daily routine and then think about which items can be left behind. Also consider multiple use items, such as your lipstick can also be used as a cheek stain.

2. Storing liquid Products

This technique can apply to sunscreen, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and any liquid products you can think of. If you need to pack the whole bottle take the lid off, place a sheet of plastic wrap over the opening, and replace the top. This hack will keep your clothes and makeup bag free of any spills.

Alternatively, you can opt out of bringing a full sized bottle and pack travel-sized stuff instead. However, if you are buying these from the store a lot of the products you like aren't offered in mini-sizes and often cost just as much as the full-sized counterparts. Instead, purchase reusable travel bottles you can fill with your products.

You never know when you or your family might need sunscreen or lotion of vacation. Instead of lugging around sunscreen all day try filling straws with the product. To do this simply fill a straw with whatever product you want and push it in with a cotton swab, so there is a bit of straw left on both ends. Clean off the excess with a napkin then use a pair of pliers to melt one end of the straw then the other to seal.

3. Better Storage

When packing your razor use a metal clip to cover the blade and prevent it from cutting any of your items. When packing your blush, compact powder, or eye shadow place a plastic powder puff or cotton pad on top of the makeup to prevent the powder from breaking. Also, an empty Tic Tac case or medicine bottle works perfectly for storing your hair pins and cotton swabs.

We here at UnitWise hope you have enjoyed these tips for fixing your summer tan mistakes. Have a safe and wonderful weekend. For more beauty blogs visit UnitWise.com and please share your advice on how you fix tan mishaps in the comment section below.


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