How to Use Email Marketing to Grow Your MK Business


How Can Email Marketing Grow my MK Business?

As many of you already know email marketing is a great way to get your products and services in front of your audience. Being able to create an effective strategy is an essential tool for growing your business. Almost ⅓ of customers prefer to receive communication from businesses via email compared to social media and direct mail.

At UnitWise, we understand email marketing can be slightly intimidating but here we will cover some beginning tactics you can implement today!

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

One advantage of email marketing is increasing your brand recognition. Now I am not only talking about Mary Kay products but your brand as *their* beauty consultant. 

Get your name and brand image in front of your clients more often by including your color scheme, brand graphics, and tagline in the template design of your emails. Seeing the elements of your brand will build awareness and recognition.

Use email marketing as an opportunity to send quality on-topic information and increase your credibility. This will grow trust among your target audience, making it much easier to promote/sell your products and recruit new unit members.

Here are a few of the ways to use email marketing: educate your clients/unit, expand your network, find new opportunities, save money and trees, and so much more.

Getting Started?

Determine Your Audience
So who are you sending emails to and what type of content will they be receptive to? Easy, right? Your clients! Now break your clients into targeted segments so you can create more personalized messages.

Seriously, I can not stress this point enough! Yes, legally you can rent and purchase lists of people who have unfortunately agreed to email communications --- BUT it is never a good idea. Cough, cough …. Don’t buy email lists from a chain bridal store or anywhere else.

Here is why buying lists is a terrible idea: First and foremost this is a dirty marketing tactic because it goes against the Terms of Service for almost all email service providers. It is easier to sell to someone who knows you than it is to sell to someone who’d never met you. Since these random email lists do not know you, they likely won’t appreciate your emails and will mark them as spam.

NEVER buy or rent email lists under any circumstance! 
Let’s just be honest….. The high-quality email addresses you seek are not for sale.

So right now I know a few readers are thinking “yes, I might have 500 out of 1,000 emails marked as spam but 500 are interested.” Ever heard of hard bounces? Well, this is when your emails are repeated marked as spam repeatedly in high numbers. 

Your bounce rate is the main factor internet service providers (ISPs) use to determine your reputation, so if you have a high number of hard bounces, it will lead to your emails not being allowed in your client’s inboxes. So please for your business's sake please only email those who have subscribed to you.

Make it easy to Unsubscribe and avoid the blacklist.

What Should My Email’s Contain?

Get Personal:

One reason I suggest splitting your clients into targeted segments is so you can create more personal messages. You don’t need to write an email for every individual recipient, but clients prefer to feel important just like you.

Call Them to Action:

As much as you want your clients to enjoy reading your emails don’t forget the end goal. You want something in return. Moreover, in your case you want them to purchase MK products from your, host parties, or join your unit.

Details, Links, and Media:

Be sure to include your contact information in each email so your clients can reach out to you with questions. Also, include links to your website and social media channels. Be sure your links are working. By double-checking your links, you will be ready to receive orders or schedule appointments immediately.

10 Tips For Successful Email Marketing:

1. Your subject line should be no longer than 40 characters


3. Make your subject lines unique

4. Create coupons, blogs, or write papers on your website to attract subscribers

5. Make it easy for readers to skim content

6. Provide quality useful and timely information

7. Ask questions of your clientele

8. Keep it short and to the point. Avoid lengthy paragraphs

9. Don’t overdo it. Focus on quality not quantity and frequency

10. Experiment. Run Analytics. Adjust. Repeat

Try UnitWise Today & Begin Marketing to Your Clients

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