Secrets to a Successful New Year as an MK Inc. Director


As a beauty consultant, you understand preparation is key to your success and reaching your career goals. We want your business and your team to blossom this new Mary Kay year! If you are a new consultant use these steps to get started or if you are a seasoned director or NSD use these steps to help your new unit members.

Join us to learn what it takes to grow a successful Mary Kay Business before you join us on Tuesday to learn more about ensuring your team succeeds this year!


Successful Planning Topics:

  • Prepping for the Year
  • Organizing Inventory
  • Managing Accounts
  • Customer Follow-Ups

At UnitWise we will always be here to help grow your Mary Kay business. Do you want your team to succeed as a Mary Kay National Sales Director? Learn the secrets to a successful New Year as a Mary Kay Inc. Director at our webinar on Tuesday! Joining your Heros at UnitWise Tuesday, August 29th at 2 pm EST. Sign Up for this online webinar event below! Comment below with questions or additional topics!


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