The Most Common Booking Objections and How to Overcome Them


Overcoming obstacles is a part of any job. When calling future clients, it is important to listen carefully to their objections and clarify any misconceptions. Acknowledge their concerns and take them seriously so you can offer solutions. Here are a few techniques for overcoming some of the most common booking objections, shared by a few Unitwise users:

“I’m too busy, or I don’t have time.”

I know exactly how you feel haha. I love working with busy people because we understand how valuable our time is. The nice thing is that I can work around your schedule. I will come to you, and your free facial will only take about an hour. I will also show you some tips and tricks, does that sound like something you would enjoy? What day works best for you?

“I’m not interested.”

I understand and really appreciate you being honest. If you change your mind, please let me know. I come to you, and your free facial takes about an hour. If you need some pampering and makeup tips, please call me back

“My house isn’t large enough.” (or any house excuses)

Not to worry I would love to have you and your friends at my house. It makes it a lot easier because you won’t have to worry about clean-up and I already have everything we will need. What day works best for you?

“I need to check with my friends/family to see what day works best for them.”

Absolutely or it might be easier to go ahead and make a reservation then you can see if it fits into their schedule. If the date or time doesn’t work just give me a call 24 hours before the party and we can reschedule. Sound like a plan? Ok, what day works best for you.

“Sorry I already use XYZ brand.”

That’s great. It would be nice to get your feedback as to how MK compares to what you’re currently using. Also, you might be surprised MK has come a long way in the past few years. But please don’t feel pressured or obligated to purchase anything. I just get credit for facials and teaching makeup tips. What day works best for you.

Or end with “When would work better for you, weekdays or weekends?”

When you pair these suggestions with all the innovative features UnitWise offers it is safe to assume your business will be successful. Sync your customers' and unit members' personal details with just a few clicks. Once imported you can organize your clients into easy-to-manage groups. Create groups based on location, preferences, new customers… etc. The possibilities are endless!

Once you have successfully booked an appointment add it to your UnitWise calendar. Use our calendar feature to schedule your business activities in one convenient location. Parties, phone calls, customer follow-ups, and most importantly family time. You can also sync your UnitWise calendar with your Google calendar, so you view all your important dates. Schedule reminders for your hostess and attendees by selecting their names from your contact list in the calendar.


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