We Will Never Forget

Today, Sept. 11 the nation as a whole looks back to remember the attack on the World Trade Centers in New York. In an instant, the heart and soul of this nation shook with fear, but while the attacks shattered the steel of the twin towers they could never dent the steel of the American resolve. For a moment all labels were stripped no longer divided by religious background, race, sexuality or political views. In a time when the United States is wracked and divided with anger, violence, and strife it feels appropriate that we take a moment to remember.

16 years ago today we stood together as a nation and pledged to 


During the attack, 2,763 people were killed within the burning and finally collapsing towers, including 343 brave firefighters and paramedics who struggled to evacuate the building and save the individuals trapped on blocked floors.

Hold your family and friends close, no one is guaranteed tomorrow. Let us stand together today and every day knowing the cost of freedom does not come cheap and remembering all who were lost on that tragic day! For the thousands who struggle with the violent and untimely deaths of their loved ones, we must never take for granted what we have been given.

Every day I get to see my family is a blessing and I am thankful to be born in the land of the free I will never forget, and I will always remember September 11th, 2001.

Join us in honoring our nation and all of those who were lost that day by saving this image and sharing it with #neverforget!


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