Best Sales Tips for MK Directors


Cleta Colson-Eyre Shares Her Best MK Sales Tips for MK Directors

With the MK world buzzing about its All in with 8 challenges officially underway and the holidays just around the corner, it’s important to review the best sales tips for MK Directors. To help you prepare for the holiday season, the Heroes at Unitwise interviewed Future Executive Senior Director, Cleta Colson-Eyre, to learn her best sales tips for MK Directors to help you set and achieve your holiday sales goals.

Cleta joined the world of MK in 1985 right after graduating college while she was working as an Administrative Computer Center Operator. What started as a way to make extra money on the side and purchasing discounted products turned into a 6-figure income! She has held the title of Director for almost 29 years, currently, drives a 2017 pink Cadillac and possesses numerous MK achievements. Here are Cleta’s 3 best sales tips for MK Directors!

Cleta Colson-Eyre 3 Best Sales Tips for MK Directors

MK Sales Tip 1: Stay Motivated and Never Giving Up

Like every MK consultant at the beginning of her journey she often did not see the fruits of her labor and questioned if this was the path the Lord intended for her, however, she “just knew that if there was a will there was a way!” She continued to tell people she had made a non-negotiable plan of action and had to make it a reality. “I always reached up to my mentor who was my adoptive Director when I started to doubt or get discouraged, and she would build my belief. And I found that action cured disbelief almost every time! I also spent time with the Lord daily, prayed for His wisdom and for Him to lead me to the people I needed to work with and be on my team!”

MK Sales Tip 2: Do it Quickly and Build it Big

When asked if she had any advice for her younger self or new consultants she responded with “Do it quickly and build it big! I would have jumped on team building earlier in my career. I would show Consultant Cleta, the difference in a Director's income vs. a Consultant's income at the get-go! It is so worth the effort and even the struggles along the way!”


MK Sales Tip 3: Short-Term Sacrifices for Long-Term Gain

As Cleta began to climb in the MK world, she had to prioritize her schedule and make changes in her daily routine to continue her growth. After reaching her Directors in Qualification status, she began holding three to five parties a week in order to find interested personnel. “At the time we had to finish with 30 active team members. So my goals were to recruit five individuals a month. So to reach this lofty goal she put down all other outside hobbies and activities for four months,” besides her full-time career, to focus solely on MK.


Are you All In?

In celebration of MK’s 54th Anniversary, the company is offering a limited edition opportunity for all future Independent Sales Directors to continue their MK journey through upward mobility quickly. So we asked Cleta if she had any advice for those of you who are taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

While this special event does not end until December 1st, she encourages you to focus solely on this opportunity until midnight on the deadline. “If you are working every day and making it your business to be reaching out and sharing the opportunity with everyone you meet all month - miracles can happen at the last hour! Focus on the number of new faces and the number of people you are sharing with. Be intentional about who you are talking to and make a daily plan of exactly how you will reach your goals. Winging it does not work!”

More MK Career Advice

Join us, your Heroes at UnitWise and special guest Future Executive Senior Director, Cleta Colson-Eyre, Tuesday, October 10 at 2 pm EST, to learn how to plan for success and reach your goals. During our next webinar “Powerful Ways to Set and Achieve Your Goals” Cleta will share her personal business experiences in reaching her goals and provide information on how you can do the same.

Sign up today and learn expert techniques for conquering your goals and growing your holiday sales. Remember the All In Challenge is a limited opportunity that will be ending December 1st, so take this time to invest in yourself. This is a free webinar hosted by one of the best. Click the button below to reserve your place today!


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