Unique Fall Marketing Ideas to Boost Your MK Sales

Can you smell the pumpkin pie baking in the oven and hear the jingling of sleigh bells coming around the corner? The ultimate gift-giving time of year is quickly approaching! While it is still October, it is never too early to start planning your sales strategies and organizing your holiday marketing tactics. Your UnitWise Heroes want to share unique marketing ideas to boost your MK holiday sales.

Start pre-planning and create sales strategies in advance to ensure your business is front-and-center when your clients look for beauty and skincare products. Last-Minute Halloween Sales IdeasIt is not too late to plan the ultimate Halloween or Fall MK party!

Decaying Makeup Graveyard:

No, it is not what you think I promise. Before the party ask your clients to look through their makeup drawers to find any old, makeup that should not be used. Invite them to sweep their draw clean between now and October 31st! Have them bag up their old products in exchange for $1 off for each item. You should, of course, limit the number of decayed products based on your personal preference. 

Halloween Jargon to Peak Interest:

Offer exclusive discounts on specific items and play up the Halloween theme! "MASKara special $2 off!” or “A Boo-tiful You Sale” or “Scare away crows feet and dust off cobwebs with MK’s Firming Eye Cream for only $____.” By using attractive Halloween incentives, you will pique the interest of clients plus attract those interested in trying Mk for the first time. 

How to Incorporate the All in With 8?

The All in With 8 Challenge is still underway and to succeed you will need unique and original ideas. Consider using this in your next newsletter or email:

“Does your job leave you feeling like part of the undead? Is your chance of furthering yourself as thin as that plastic skeleton? Do you have a ghost of an opportunity for a pay increase? Do you believe your boss rides a broom to work? Does the thought of spending the next ten years at this job send chills down your spine?

Do your answers to these questions are scary…. It is time to make a change! Treat yourself this Halloween and join the thousands of empowered women blazing their own path! I am here to answer any and all questions you may have about this boo-tiful opportunity!

Planning Your Sales Strategies

As the holiday season grows closer, your Heroes at UnitWise will continue to supply you with unique marketing and sales tactics for your growing business. Use UnitWise to schedule parties, record orders, individualize beauty information for your clients, and so much more!

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