Parent Company Announces Launch of Tax Filing Solution

Today our parent company SPAN Enterprises announces the launch of its latest product, TaxBandits. This product is a comprehensive tax filing solution specially designed to fit the needs of your businesses and nonprofit organizations.

TaxBandits provides unique tools and features for the specific needs of small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Take control of your tax filing and IRS compliance today with one easy-to-use cloud-based product!


Parent Company Announces Launch of Tax Filing Solution

Available Forms:

TaxBandits offers the simplest e-filing software process on the market today, keeping your business moving in the right direction. Provided IRS forms include Form 990 series, Form 94x Series, Form 1099 Series, W-2 Forms, ACA Forms, and Extensions.

MK Directors and TaxBandits:

If you employ an assistant for your MK business, you are required to file IRS Form 941. As an employer, you are responsible for withholding federal income tax, social security tax, and Medicare tax from your employee’s paycheck. This information must be reported by filing Form 941 to calculate your portion of social security and Medicare tax. At the end of the year, you are also required to submit Form 1099 for an assistant who earns more than $600 a year.

As an MK Director or NSD, we understand you did not start your business to be consistently filing IRS forms which is why we are sharing TaxBandits with you today.

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You can quickly take care of your quarterly and annual tax obligations online using our sister product, TaxBandits. Thousands of business owners trust SPAN's array of tax products as an IRS-authorized integrated solution for generating and transmitting tax forms. If you need to e-file any 94x Series Forms or 1099 Series Forms, TaxBandits provides you with a step-by-step, interview-style process with built-in error checking. Sign-up for a free account and see how easy it is to file the right tax forms for your MK business!

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