10 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Impress your clients with these creative beauty hacks at your next consultation or party! Show them they don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror to get a perfect look. Share these little tricks for applying makeup, so they can always look their best. Here are 10 beauty hacks that will change your life!

10 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

1. Balance Undertones

Use complementary colors to even out uneven undertones. For example: Use green concealer to tone down redness.

2. Flawless Foundation

If your clients apply foundation around their jaw or hairline, they look like they are wearing a mask. So to avoid this suggest they start at the center of their face and fan out around the edges for a more natural look.


3. Apply Bronzer in “3” Shaped

Instead of your clients applying bronzer all over their face to combat their wintery complexion, show them how to apply it in a “3” shape. It should start at the forehead and work down the side of their face to meet their jawline.

4. Baked Makeup

Baking your clients' makeup is a simple process. Use a primer or moisturizer around her eyes, apply foundation, add a thick concealer, dust the area with translucent powder, wait about a minute, and then gently dust off the powder. Tada! Baked makeup!

5. Simple Blush Contour

Use a peachy blush as a contour for a fresh look. Start at your client's temples and curve up toward your hairline and blend outward. Add blush to your client's brow bones and cheekbones for a completed look.

6. Ultimate Pimple Coverage

Apply foundation, a thick concealer, and setting powder to ensure pimples are completely covered all day.

7. Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Spoolie Brush

The most critical step to creating natural and full-looking eyebrows is using a spoolie brush to diffuse color after using a brow pencil.

8. Smooth Foundation 

After cleansing your client's skin and applying moisturizer, blend foundation with a slightly damp beauty sponge using gentle rolling motions.

9. Skip the Shimmer

I am sorry girls but if your clients have oily skin suggest they avoid makeup with shimmer or glitter. The shimmer will make their face appear shinier.

10. Sharpen Lipstick

If your clients run out of lipliner suggest, they line the outside of their lips with concealer to sharpen their lipstick. Leaving lips, unlined will made the lipstick bleed into the natural creases of their skin around their mouth.

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