Are You Making These Common Makeup Mistakes?

We all make mistakes, and occasionally, we can make the same mistakes over and over without realizing they are a mistake in the first place. We are the first to admit when we have made a makeup or beauty blunder, which is why we have rounded up the most common makeup mistakes to spare you from having the same slip-up. Are you making these common makeup mistakes? Or are you clients?

Are You Making These Common Makeup Mistakes?

1. Too Much Concealer

In your client's pursuit of the perfect matte finish, they could be making the common mistake of applying too much concealer. If they select the wrong color and apply it heavily, it will accentuate their wrinkles and make them appear older.

To avoid this instruct your clients to select a concealer slightly lighter than their natural skin tone and apply gradually. Concealer should never be applied to the whole face just specific problem areas such as under the eyes.

2. Lower Lash Mascara

Using mascara can give your clients a 1960s flare or bring unwanted attention. If used excessively it can shift the attention to the wrinkles around their eyes (no matter how small those wrinkles may be).

3. Dark Eyeshadows

Everyone loves darker eyeshadow for an evening out. However, it is important not to apply darker shadows over the whole lid. Simply dab the outer corner of the eyelid and create a semicircle about halfway across.

4. Waterline Eyeliner

If your clients apply black or dark eyeliner to their waterline, it can make their eyes appear smaller and more narrow. To help counteract this effect simply suggest a lighter eyeliner to open up their eyes. This will help to create a large eye effect and make them appear younger.

5. Incorrectly Applying Blush

I can freely admit that I am completely guilty of making this blunder for years! First of all, suggest your clients steer clear of dark and intense colors. Suggest lighter tones and apply to the upper part of their cheeks, not the apples of their cheeks.

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