Prom Makeup Ideas You Need To Know For Your MK Business

Batten down the hatches and powder those noses ladies because it is prom season! This is the holy grail of fabulous MK products and gaining lifetime clients. Here are the prom makeup ideas you need to know for your MK business.

We all know that the entire look is important when it comes to getting ready for prom. There are so many things to consider like - the dress, the hair, and of course the perfect prom makeup. Here are five prom eye makeup ideas that will surely impress your young clients as they dance into the night.

Prom Makeup Ideas You Need To Know For Your MK Business

1. Natural Prom Makeup

If your client is not one to wear makeup on a daily basis encourage them with a soft and natural prom. No need to cake it on for prom night. You want her to feel as comfortable as possible, so your best option is to go with a soft yet elegant look that will last.

Use a light-weight foundation, neutral eyes, and softlips to pair with any dress color. This is also a great opportunity to introduce them to MK’s wide range of skincare products like the TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser.

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2. Perfect For Brown Eyes

A brown and gold smokey eye look is easily done and will make your clients eyes pop. The trick to achieving this look is to blend out the colors with a large blending brush. Once you show your clients how easy it is to achieve this look they will be coming back for more.

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3. Pretty In Peach

Peach tones are both elegant and feminine and this look has prom night written all over it! If your client is looking for something trending and not overpowering this would absolutely be my go to.

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4. Classically Dramatic Silver Smokey Eye

You can never go wrong with a classic black and silver smokey eye, this will also be a great prom makeup for a red dress. When completing this look you need to pay close attention to detail to make sure the colors are well blended and the eyeliner is sharp.

Bonus Tip: Consider using a small piece of tape to ensure your clients eyeliner is “on fleek.”

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5. Bronze Glitter Eye

If your client is searching for something more on the creative side, we suggest a purple and bronze prom makeup look. It is crazy how well these two shades blend together. However, you will need to suggest an eyeshadow primer so this look lasts the entire night.

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Use Prom Makeup Looks To Inspire Growth

Prom season is a great opportunity to show off your makeup skills and gain lifetime clients. This season try offering a free prom makeover for the purchase of $20 or more. And be sure to take lots of pictures of your clients on their way to prom to show off to potential clients.

Your Heroes at UnitWise will continue to supply you with unique marketing and sales tactics for your growing business. Use UnitWise to schedule your prom makeup appointments, record their preferences, individual beauty information, and so much more!

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