Why Your Website is The Most Important Marketing Tool

Trying to grow your business? Well, having a website can be the most efficient way to keep you connected with potential customers and your Unit. Upload your documents, training videos and newsletters for your Unit to see. Also, keep your clients up to date with new beauty products and when you will be hosting an event.

Why Your Website is The Most Important Marketing Tool?

A custom domain is a personalized name for your website! A custom domain is a unique brand name that identifies a website, appearing in the address bar of the web browser. 

All UnitWise members receive a primary web address with their account. Your web address will be unitwise.com/YourUserName. If you wish to personalize your web address and web page, you can purchase a custom domain for $15 per year. Your domain will be valid for one year following activation. And don't worry we will remind you two weeks before your domain's expiration date.

How to Get Started?

  • Create or Log into your UnitWise Account
  • Select “Social Media” from Menu Bar
    • From the Drop Down Menu “My WebSite”
  • Select “Manage” from Upper Right-Hand Corner
  • Choose to Purchase a Domain or Receive Help from our UnitWise Heroes

How to Personalize?

UnitWise assists you with all the tools and expertise necessary to create a beautiful and efficient website for your business and Unit.

On your UnitWise dashboard, click on the “Social Media” tab in your menu bar the top of your screen.

Select “My WebSite” from the drop-down menu to show a screenshot of your site.

If you would like to update the information or style on your site click on the “Edit Site” icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Here you can personalize the theme of your website to fit your business style and the needs of your Unit:


We prove our users with over 60 unique themes and templates to make your site one of a kind. Or start with a blank template to create a unique design all your own, making you stand out with your customers and Unit Members.


Customize the design and layout of your website by creating content, selecting the font, and color scheme. Not in love with your background image? No worries you can customize the picture to fit your business or season by uploading your choice of image.

Creating New Pages:

There is no limit to the number of pages you can add to your website. Want a special section to share newsletters, training videos, or conference calls with your Unit? You can customize pages to include all training information, videos, and how-to guides.

Payment Hub:

UnitWise users can set up their payment hub so clients can make payments to their open invoices.

How to Renew?

Need to renew your UnitWise WebSite but no longer have a UnitWise account? No worries!

  1. Click Here to login to your Account
  2. Go to My Account
  3. Click Manage Orders 
  4. From the Drop Down Menu Select List/Search Orders
  5. Choose Domain and Click “Renew Domain”
  6. Follow the Step-by-Step Instructions

Here at UnitWise, we make creating your website easy with zero complex HTML coding. Start designing your website with UnitWise today! Show off your personality and style with your Unit and Clients.

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