3 Fabulous Reasons Why You Need This Texting App

You have worked hard to create a successful MK business by booking parties and attending customers. But as an MK Director or inspiring Director, you can never forget the importance of team building.

To continue your upward climb you need top-notch communication with your unit members. But why you may ask? Simple! Because your unit depends on you to share the latest motivate and tips to inspire them on a daily basis!

So how do you improve communication within your team?

You can always text your team members. However, mass texts can only go so far due to your carrier’s restrictions on certain file types and sizes.

Last week I needed to text a few templates to a friend. All was well, until hours later, I got a notification that my text had failed due to the size of it. Bummer! I ventured out to find a solution.

According to Hootsuite media platform, over 5 billion people already use messaging apps. About 90% of people prefer to engage with businesses via a messenger app. Your unit is a major aspect of your MK business just as much as your products and customers.

Harnessing The Power of Team Messaging Apps 

WhatsApp allows you to group chat with up to 256 members at once. You can exchange voice messages, pictures, and videos. Trusted by major branding including KLM Airlines, Sephora, and more.

How can you use it for your business

Individual Messages

Message your consultants individually to check-in with them, motivate and guide them one-on-one 


Place them in groups of up to 256 members (entire unit, local consultants, adoptees, and offsprings) and start working on your big goal! 

Share any file up to 100 MB, including a video.

Don’t worry; the group text messages are super-encrypted, so no one is peeking in unlike in some social media group chats. 

Share your MK unit recognition!

Here’s where we come into the picture! Go to UnitWise, click on My Unit, then MK Reports. You will find team reports brought to you every day at midnight: New Unit Members, Court of Sales Unit Totals. Also, check out Weekly Reports: Unit Production Detail, Star Consultant Quarter Tracking and more. All you need to do is to copy the information from the UnitWise and paste it into your WhatsApp message!

How to Get Started:

Step 1: Download the App
It’s available for all mobile platforms and even computers

Step 2: Get Phone Numbers
Run the Team Members Phone Number Report in UnitWise:

Home > Reports > Team Members > Team Contact numbers > Download the report.

Step 3: Add The Numbers to Your Device
Add the team members and their phone numbers to your phone contacts.

Step 4: Create a Group

Start a new group in WhatsApp > Invite your team > Start communicating.

Sometimes just a few simple tweaks can make a big impact on your team communication. Feel free to check it out and let us know what you think!

Continuing Your Business Education 

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