Methods For Engaging Mary Kay Clients You Need To Know

Finding your target market online can feel like a daunting task. But successfully growing your Mary Kay business on social media is much easier than you might think. Engaging your clients might seem time-consuming, but the right approach can lead to exponential growth.

Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, self-promotion is now easier than before. Using these platforms can allow you to showcase your Mary Kay products, generate a buzz around upcoming releases, and even host make-up parties online.

How To Be Most Effective On Social Media 

What are the best practices for using social media to grow your business? What methods work best to keep updated on the results of your posts?

  • Testimonials: Encourage previous and regular clients to provide videos or quotes about the products they love and share those across your social media business pages.
  • Comments: Engage your clients when they comment on your social media posts. Simple replies of “Thank you!” and “I’m so glad you love the new products!” will encourage others to express an interest in what you’re selling.
  • Notifications: Set push notifications to stay on top of how followers are reacting to the content you post and respond quickly to create conversations, answer questions, and stimulate interest in the products and events you’re sharing.
  • Share links and retweet: Sharing articles from other users can help boost your presence online and allow you to increase the content on your business page.
  • Live videos: Use YouTube, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live videos to announce new products, create excitement, and host make-up parties to reach a larger audience than you might not otherwise be able to access.

Let Your Followers Be The Voice Of Your Business

Consistently providing content that interests and engages your audience is crucial to maintaining your presence online. Encourage your followers to ask questions and use these opportunities to have conversations about your business and featured products. Let your clients provide quotes and video testimonials to create excitement and generate a buzz.

UnitWise values success and we look forward to helping grow your business in a hectic world. Hard work shouldn’t be difficult, it should be rewarding.


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