4 Ways To Up Your Social Media Game This Summer

Engaging with your clients may be difficult right now. Everyone is trying to be responsible and limit contact with others, especially those who may be at higher risk for transmitting COVID-19. This may make maintaining your client relationships a little harder. One of the ways you can engage your clients from a distance is to step up your social media presence!

Here are four tips to help you amp up your social media game and stay connected to your clients!

Have Fun With Photography!

This summer has been far from normal for all of us. Many of your clients have been cooped up in the house rather than going on summer vacations or taking part in the many fun activities that summer offers. We all need a fun dose of escapism wherever we can find it these days!

That makes now a great time to really engage your social media followers visually. Most of us are equipped with a great quality camera in the palms of our hands, our smart phones. You can really take some beautiful pictures right on your phone and upload them straight to social media. 

Instead of taking a selfie, consider taking a “shelfie”, highlighting some of your favorite beauty products. You can also have fun with the background of your images; add different colors and textures to the shot to make the product you are featuring pop. 

Keep Your Posts Open-ended

The most engaging social media posts are ones that start a conversation. Sometimes simply asking your followers a question like, “What is your favorite MK lipstick color?”, can really spark a conversation and keep the comments going!

You could also try a “series”. This is a series of posts with the same theme. Your followers will get used to seeing them on your feed on a certain day or time and they will even begin to check your social media platforms to see the next post in the series. Be sure to create a catchy hashtag! For example #MotivationalMonday, #MakeupMonday, or even #FullFaceFriday.  

Try this: Get my look with these awesome MK products! #MakeUpMonday

Try A Giveaway

Everyone loves a giveaway! It  doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just something fun to get your followers excited. You can post about it, create an instagram story about it, and maybe even a Facebook live video! Make sure you make a big deal about choosing the winner, post a picture of the winner with their goodies! Just make sure that you have their permission first!

Get Personal With A Tutorial

If you follow any beauty influencers on Youtube, you probably know how popular their “get ready with me” videos are. You can try your hand at one of this laid-back, tutorial-style videos. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy equipment and learn video editing skills overnight, just set up your smartphone!

You can try doing a facebook live with a simple topic, such as “how I get the perfect brows” or “how I contour and bronze for the summer”. It can be short or long depending on your preference and audience. You can even ask your followers questions along the way and interact with them directly!

Unitwise Is Your Social Media Solution

Did you know that Unitwise allows you to integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts? You can post and engage with your followers right from your Unitwise account! You can even schedule your posts ahead of time for your convenience. This integration feature is built into your Unitwise subscription, so there is no need to worry about additional charges! This is just one of the ways that Unitwise makes your life easier!

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