5 Make-up Trends To Try This Summer

This has been a stressful summer so far as we struggle with social distancing and flattening the COVID-19 curve. We have faced many challenges and surely you have too, so let’s take a deep breath and talk about something fun...make-up. 

Summertime is a time to relax and have a little fun, that should apply to your make-up too! It’s a great time to try new things. Here are some of the trends we will be seeing this summer and how to work them into your repertoire. 

The Look: A Natural, Dewy Finish

So, the whole “dewy skin” look is nothing groundbreaking or new, but it is a great summer look. It’s hard to maintain a smooth, matte finish on your skin as the temperatures rises. You can give into the sweat because this look welcomes a little summer sheen. 

Since a lot of us will be staying in this summer, this is an ideal look due to its simplicity. You can be ready to jump onto your Zoom meeting in just a few minutes. 

We are going to see a lot of empowered skin this summer as a natural skin finish is trending. You can put away your full coverage foundation and let your skin breathe with a light tinted moisturizer. Put your freckles on display, just be sure to remember your SPF everyday!

The Look: Full, Fluffy Brows

We are keeping with the natural trend when it comes to this next look. Put your tweezers down (we know it’s hard) and embrace your brows! This summer full, fluffy brows are everywhere. Grab your favorite brow gel and your spoolie and you are good to go. 

The Look: Hot Pink Lips

This is where the fun begins. Hot pink lips are trending this summer as well. There are a lot of ways to achieve this look and it’s so versatile. You can go bold with bright pink lipstick or subtle with a berry lip stain with so many variations in between. 

The Look: Neon Eyeliner

This bold, bright, 80’s inspired look has been popping up all over Instagram this summer. Whether you are achieving this look with a subtle swoop or a full on winged line, feel free to have fun with it. The only rule here is keep it bright, if your eye liner reminds you of a glow stick you are on the right track. 

The Look: Pastel Lids

We’re rounding out the countdown with another fun and colorful trend. The pastel eyeshadow look. Just because we may be stuck inside this summer doesn’t mean our eyeshadow palettes have to sit around collecting dust. 

This is a look that is meant to be experimented with! Grab your favorite palette and dig into those bright colors that you always stare at longingly but never dip into. Channel you inner Monet and try this awesome watercolor inspired look. 

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