How Journaling Daily Can Boost Your Productivity

Are you experiencing a productivity slump? We all do from time to time. There is so much going on in the world around us and so little of it is within our control, so feeling distracted is understandable. One of the ways that you can jumpstart your productivity and spice up your daily routine is by journaling. 

Believe it or not this small act can have a big impact on your productivity when you incorporate it into your daily life. 

The Benefits of Journaling

Did you know that research conducted by the American Psychological Association shows that, “Expressive writing reduces negative and  avoidant thoughts about negative events and improves working memory.” This research also suggests that it strengthens your ability to cope with stress.

Getting Started

Choose A Journal

The most important part of getting started is choosing the perfect writing partner, your journal! There are so many options, be sure to select a journal that you will be excited to write in everyday. Some journals are even designed with daily prompts if you want some guidance while getting into the habit. 

Start Your Day with a Goal

When you start everyday with a goal, it may change the way you think about your daily tasks. Plus, it is scientifically proven that when you put something into writing you are more likely to feel accountable. 

This can be a great exercise in self-realization. For example, you may have the same goal everyday. Maybe your goals are different from what you expected. What could that mean for your future?

Track Your Progress

You can not only check tasks off of your to-do list, but you can track your progress and learn more about the way that you work. For example, you can record how long it takes you to work on certain tasks and see how that changes over time. You can also see what you are struggling with and come up with ways to better handle it. 

Not to mention, when you look back through your journal and see your progress it will feel great!

Gather Inspiring Words

How often do you come across a quote from a book or a famous leader that resonates with you? Journal it, then on a later day when you are feeling “stuck” and need some inspiration you can flip through your journal and revisit it. 

Write about accomplishments that are significant to you, you can look back on them later when you need a confidence boost. 

Get Creative

Journaling jumpstarts your creative right brain. This is a great outlet to unleash your artistic abilities. You can add drawings to your journal and anything else that is meaningful to you. Have fun with it!

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