3 Mask Friendly Eyeshadow Looks to Try Right Now!

Happy September everyone! Fall is in the air...for those of you who aren’t living in the south. We may not be feeling a cool autumn breeze yet, but at least we can curl up with a pumpkin spice latte.

The change of the seasons can definitely be inspiring for your make-up routine. There is nothing quite like digging into a rich, fall color palette, with the hopes of creating a look that even mother nature herself would love. 

Don’t let your face mask get in the way of fall makeup looks! So, keep wearing it everyday to keep those around you and yourself safe. Here are some great looks to make your eyes pop. 

Bold Lashes

If you’re looking to infuse a little glamour into your day, bold lashes are an easy way to do it. If you, like many of us, have to fight the urge to glide on your go-to, confidence boosting red lipstick these days, this is for you! Bold lashes can be the confidence boosting alternative when you are wearing your face mask (which should be always). 

Get the Look

Gather all of your lash products. We’re talking mascara, lash primer, and especially your eyelash curlers, all of them! If you are on the fence about false lashes, this is the perfect time to give them a try. 

You can choose to line your eyes, or keep your lashes the focus, whichever makes you feel ready to conquer the day ahead!

Rich Golds with a Blue Liner

This is a bold look that uses rich fall colors like gold and rust. The deep blue, winged eyeliner adds a striking quality. This is a great opportunity to pull out your favorite palette filled with fall tones. It may even be an excuse to purchase a new palette that you’ve had your eye on! 

Get the Look

Be sure to apply an eyelid primer, to ensure that this look has lasting power. Don’t have an eyelid primer? Grab your favorite concealer and blend a bit onto your eyelid, it will essentially serve the same purpose. 

Start with a matte base color in a shade only slightly deeper than your skin tone, this will add dimension to your look and give you an even base to work with. Next, take your rust color, only a small amount at first and begin to blend along the base of your eyelid, sweeping it up into your outer crease.   

Next, take your gold tone into your crease and slightly above onto your brow bone. This will allow you to blend out any harsh lines. Finally, take your favorite highlight shade and sweep a small amount right beneath the brow and in the inner corner of your eye. 

Once you are happy with your color gradation, it’s time to add your blue liner. You can use a liquid liner, pencil liner, or a damp brush and deep blue eyeshadow. It just depends which you are more comfortable working with. 

A Dramatic Wing

When your eyes are really the only facial feature that you have showing above your mask, what could be more dramatic than a winged liner?

This may already be a staple in your make-up repertoire, but you can still have fun with it by dragging that line out just a little further. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you could try a bright color as opposed to the classic black. 

Get the Look

For this look, a liquid liner is the way to go. This will help you achieve a more precise look. Need help getting that line right? Just grab a spoon from your kitchen. Use it as a tool to help you see the natural line from your nose past the outer corner of your eye, then use the end that is not rounded as the guide for your wing. Ta-da, that was easy!

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