Last Minute Halloween Looks Using Makeup You Already Own!

The spooky season has arrived and if you love it as much as we do, you’ve already planned your costume! Even if you’re looking for a last minute look, these are our favorite ideas to try this year. 

As always be sure to wear your mask and practice social distance, but Halloween can still be fun this year! Whether you are out and about or enjoying some Halloween fun via Zoom, these looks are picture perfect. 

With Halloween tomorrow, you can easily create this look with make-up that you and your clients already have at home!

A Dia de los Muertos Celebration

This is a fun and easy look, plus if you are seeking a last-minute solution, the entire costume is your face of make-up! you can simply pull a black t-shirt and jeans out of your closet and let your face be the focus!

All you need is black eyeliner, preferably one with a felt tip for extra precision. To up the creepy factor use a foundation that is a few shades too light for your skin tone. You know, that foundation that you pull out in the depths of January when there is no summer glow in sight! For the colorful highlights that really make this look pop, grab a few of your favorite matte liquid lipsticks, they will stay on all night!

If you want to go the extra mile, hot glue some fabric flowers from the dollar store to a headband and you are officially ready!

A Black Cat

Some say cliche’, we call it a classic. The black cat look can be pulled together in a flash! Just take your time and lay down your favorite smokey eye look. Then grab that handy-dandy felt-tipped black eyeliner and add your nose and whiskers. 

You can either apply black lipstick to your top lip or shade it in with a black eyeliner pencil. Then, ta-da! Or should we say, “meow”! Luckily, you will find a cat-ear headband in just about any store these days!

A Spooky Witch

Boo! This may be the easiest look of them all! Grab your witch's hat and apply your favorite smokey eye look. Except you are going to turn the intensity up to achieve that spooky look! Then choose the most adventurous shade of lipstick you own. We all have one, you came across the shade at one point and you thought, “this is too intense for everyday life, but it sure looks fun!”. Then you bought it anyway! Much like with all of these looks, glitter can only make them more exciting!

There you have it, three Halloween looks that can be (socially distant) party-ready in minutes! Plus, you probably already own all of the make-up needed to achieve them. 

Here at Unitwise, we are all about working smarter not harder! If you are a beauty consultant looking for the ultimate hack for a smoother and more successful business, be sure to check out Unitwise today!


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