Ten Ways that Unitwise is your Personal Assistant

As a beauty consultant, you have a lot going on, not to mention adjusting to all the changes that we have been dealing with during the pandemic. Here at Unitwise we believe that your time is too valuable to waste, that’s why we created the Unitwise application.

Check out the top ten features that will help you streamline your business!

Customer Management

You can manage your entire client base with Unitwise. You are able to create beauty profiles for all of your clients, complete with their detailed purchase history. This allows you to remember each client’s “must have” products with just a glance!


You can easily create invoices and sales receipts for your clients. This is great for payment plans and is just another way to easily carry out your business from a safe distance. Clients can conveniently make payments with the Unitwise Payment Hub.

Inventory Management

This Unitwise feature makes tracking your inventory a breeze. You can use this feature to easily edit your inventory and create invoices. When the holiday season comes around you can easily create gift baskets and bundles for your clients. 

Expense Tracking

Add expenses to your account as they are incurred or by bulk, for easy financial tracking. You can easily categorize your expenses as well. 

Financial Tracking and Reporting

With Unitwise you can keep track of your financial records right from your desired device. You can run financial reports and see snapshots of your current income and expenses. You can use this information throughout the year, and when tax time rolls around you can refer to the “Year end/Tax” section of your account will be very helpful. 

Google Calendar Sync

Easily sync your google calendar with your Unitwise account to maintain your schedule. All you need to do this is a valid google ID. 

FaceBook and Twitter Integrations

Now more than ever, social media is a great way to connect from your clients from a distance. With Unitwise you can quickly update your social media accounts from the Unitwise application. 

Email Marketing

You can streamline and update the way that you stay in touch with your unit members and clients with the Unitwise email marketing feature. This allows you to send personalized emails to many people at once. You can even use Email Marketing Reports to see how well your promotional emails are received and to decide who to follow up with. 

Unit Reports

If you are an MK  team leader or a director with multiple consultants in your unit, this tool will be your new best friend! You can create reports directly from InTouch to track the activity of your team and recognize their accomplishments.

Weekly Accomplishments

You can set goals for yourself and the other team members in your unit with this feature. This is a great way to keep everyone on the same page and celebrate as you reach the goals you have set. You can conveniently email this report to your director. 

See, there you have it. There are so many ways that Unitwise can help your business run more smoothly. Get started with Unitwise today!


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