A Look Back At 10 Years: ProPay Integrations


It’s hard to believe that Unitwise celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year! Our team has found
that time flies when you are doing what you love and creating a product that helps people do what they
love. That’s how UnitWise started, we saw a group of passionate people in the MK community and
realized that there was no product out there that was serving them.

The MK community needed a product that would allow them to take their business on the go with them.
So, we got to work creating UnitWise, the first totally web-based application that allows beauty consultants to simplify and maximize their business, taking it to the next level.

After launching UnitWise in 2010, the journey began. The driving force behind the success of UnitWise is the partnerships we have created. Through these partnerships we have been able to integrate new, convenient features that made Unitwise the seamless, automated application that it is today.

What is ProPay?

ProPay is a credit card processing service that works with direct-selling business owners. Together we forged a partnership with ProPaythat allowed us to integrate their services into UnitWise. Our development team worked with them to build, test and deploy ProtectP®, with this technology, card holders' credit card details become invisible within our system.

What does this partnership mean to Unitwise?

The ProPay integration into UnitWise allowed our clients to up their customer service game. Now, they were able to process their customer’s credit card payments securely through UnitWise. This was a game changer, it’s more secure and convenient for customers and it’s more efficient and professional for their consultant.

Integrating with ProPay also allowed our clients to begin taking payments for their client’s invoices. This offers even more flexibility in collecting payments. Immediately after the payment is made, our clients can then email their customer a receipt. All our clients need to do to take full advantage of this feature is a ProPay account (this will be linked to the UnitWise account) and an internet connection, it’s that easy. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work!

Stay tuned as we continue our trip down memory lane! Over the past decade, we have made some amazing partnerships and we are going to continue to highlight them each week, stay tuned for more!


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