Marketing Features in UnitWise That Will Help Your Business Get The Recognition it Deserves!

Small businesses rely heavily on their company and customer relations. Reaching a specific audience and building a community of followers that support your business can all be accomplished through marketing. Through marketing your business/products you can understand your consumers better, create more valuable content, and get your message across in fun and interesting ways. 

We've rounded up some of UnitWise's most beneficial and influential marketing tools that will help your MK business succeed. Check them out below!

Email Marketing 

As a businesswoman, we know you have a lot on your plate! Sending emails is an important part of running a business but it can easily become time-consuming.

With UnitWise’s email marketing feature, you can reach a broad audience and promote your business quickly and easily! The email marketing feature allows you to send emails to particular groups, individuals, or everyone all at once. This will make the process of sending emails way less tedious. You also have the option to send your emails out immediately or schedule them to be sent a day or months in advance. Scheduling your emails will ensure you never miss an important date or deadline. Staying in touch with your team and clients just became way easier!

Email Marketing Reports

How did your last email marketing blast do? With UnitWise, you can figure that out! UnitWise offers detailed email marketing reports letting you know how your emails are doing. The reports will include information such as the total number of emails sent, the total number of emails opened, number of clicks, links visited, bounces, unsubscribes, etc. All of this information is extremely helpful to know and will provide you with insight on how to make your next email marketing campaign even better. Email campaigns are a great way to promote your products, announce new services, and stay in touch with your clients!

Email Templates

We all know sending out tons of emails every day can be quite tiresome. Luckily, UnitWise's email template feature will help make your email marketing convenient and simple! It will also add a level of professionalism to your emails while still allowing you to add your own style and flair! 

UnitWise's templates are completely customizable and allow you to add or change anything you want! Whether you need a template for a weekly newsletter or for the launch of a new product, with UnitWise you can design your templates to fit your exact needs. You can also create templates that you will need to use over and over again such as a “Welcome New Consultant” email. Time to get sending!

Free Conference Calling

Whether your team is just a few people or a nationwide team, our conference calling feature will help you easily connect with each other whenever necessary. You can easily schedule conference calls in advance and establish attendance by distributing an invitation email to your audience.

When you create your UnitWise account, you will receive a designated conference call number with an access code. You will also receive a user guide that can be distributed to attendees, and gives you tons of different control options such as guest speaker, mute, conference roll call, attendee count, and much more! The conference calling feature is completely free and included in your UnitWise subscription. 


Having an updated and relatable website is crucial for most businesses. Luckily, with UnitWise you can create a custom website for your team to showcase accomplishments, product information, and everything your heart desires. While creating a website may seem like a daunting task, with UnitWise the process is simple and straightforward.

With your UnitWise website, you will have complete control over the content of your pages, the look of your website, and its settings. To maintain your brand and make your website name more memorable, you can reserve your own custom domain with UnitWise.


Blogging with UnitWise is a great way to keep your clients engaged and up to date on relevant information. It is also a great way to get your website visitors engaged and interested in what your business has to offer! If you have a website with UnitWise, you can easily add an additional page for your blog!

Blogging allows you to share important information about your business, products, and helpful features. It is also a great way to interact with your clients by showing off your personality and sharing life experiences, tips and tricks!

Facebook and Twitter Integration

Social media is one of the easiest and quickest ways for businesses to connect and communicate with their audiences. Our Facebook and Twitter integration feature is perfect for integrating fun and business. In today's day and age, it is also extremely important to keep your social media profiles active and full of relatable and relevant content!

The App integration allows you to post on your Facebook and Twitter profiles directly from your UnitWise account. Thus, with the integration feature, you can communicate with your most important audience, without the distractions of your actual Facebook or Twitter feed.


UnitWise is more than just a business management tool! With UnitWise's marketing tools, you can help your business grow and reach new audiences! UnitWise makes creating and implementing effective marketing strategies simple and straightforward. Get started today at


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