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Oct 1, 2021

Top 5 Make-Up Trends This Fall!

It’s finally Fall! Which means it’s time to put out the decorations, unpack your sweaters, and get ready! Stay trendy this Fall by checking out these top make-up trends to stand out and complete any outfit!

Glossy lips

Bring out your lipgloss girls! Because it’s back in! Glossy lips tend to brighten up the face. It also adds emphasis to your highlights and bronzer placement! Pair lip gloss with your darker lipstick tones to bring together this fall look!

Kitten Eye Liner

A more subtle look of the common “Cat eye” is a quickly growing trend for this fall. Smaller lines like the Kitten eye are becoming more common because of how much easier they are to draw. With the Kitten eye, you need to use thin strokes starting at the center of your eye. For the subtle wing, just slightly whip the ends up to perfectly execute a Kitten eye.

Natural Brows

Embrace your Brows! Natural brows are really easy to manage and help to embrace a more natural look! Just brush your brows out, use some gel to hold them in place, and fill in the sparse spots with your favorite brow pencil. Now you’re ready for the day!

Dewy Skin

Glowing, Healthy looking skin is definitely the look this fall. Go crazy with your highlight (Well, not TOO crazy). Whether your grabbing brunch with the girls or going out for a date night, this trend will certainly brighten up your day!

Monochromatic Color

Using monochromatic colors presents a simple and uniform look that almost seems effortless! Adding the same color eyeshadow, highlight, and lip can brighten up any full face of makeup! Whether it’s pink, red, or brown, having a cohesive monochromatic look will really bring together your look any day!

All these looks are simple and easy, so feel free to make them your own!

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