An Intro to Blogging

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Start a Blog:

Starting a blog can take your Mary Kay Business to the next level. UnitWise offers great marketing features, including a blog that you can connect to your Mary Kay website. Not sure where to start? Before you start writing, there are a few questions you can answer that will make blogging easier.

Why are you writing?

This is the most important one. What's the reason behind this blog? Is it to act as an online journal? Will it cover a specific topic? If you know why you're writing, it will make coming up with new entries easy.

Who are you writing for?

Is there a certain reader or demographic you have in mind? Knowing your audience is key to writing good content. You wouldn't use the same language with toddlers as you would with adults!

When will you write?

Creating a posting schedule isn't a must, but it can make things easier for you and your readers. If your readers know that you'll have new content up every MWF, then they don't have to guess.

Having the answers to these questions will make blogging much easier and even more satisfying. For more blogging advice, click here for our blogging for beginners guide. 


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