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Feb 11, 2012

Google Calendar Sync

To Sync calendar events with Google, follow these steps:

1.  If you are not already logged into your Google account, log in and before you sync, you will want to verify your Time Zone is correctly set in Google Calendar. To do this go to the Options icon, under Options, go to Calendar Settings, verify your Time Zone information is correctly set and click Save 
2.  In UnitWise, under "Activities", go to "Calendar"
3.  If you have not already performed a Google Calendar Sync, click on "Google Settings". If you have already synced with Google Calendar previously, skip to step 6
4.  Click the option to enter your Google Calendar credentials
5.  You will be prompted by Google to grant UnitWise access to your Google Calendar. Click "Continue", then click "Grant Access".
6. Click "Sync From Google"
Note: This will only sync from your primary Google Calendar and cannot sync recurring events. In addition, once you have synced from Google, you can then go to "Settings", "Preferences",  under the "General" tab, check the boxes for "Sync Automatic Tasks with Google" and "Sync Calendar Events From Google into UnitWise".
7.  To make the newly synced events appear on the calendar on your website, from Calendar, click on an event and click on "Edit Event Details"
8.  Check the box for "Show on My Website" and click "Save". That event will now appear on your website

Here's a video for more info:

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